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The graduation of the neoliberal is global war

There will be a “company-sized” contingent of US troops headed to Poland for “the first in a series of expanded US land force training exercises.” In the coming days, US troops will also be heading to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism – the pyramid scheme

It really isn’t hard to look at neoliberalism and see where the title comes from. The top get immensely wealthy, those in the middle tiers work but get little, those on the bottom try to support all those about. If … Continue reading

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“Decisions have not been taken,” says David Cameron about Syria. And that’s probably the first lie of this war.

If you’re a Tory – and you keep getting stick both from the Mail and the Telegraph, you really should be looking at who is bringing about such unaccustomed ire. That man is the guy who wants his very own … Continue reading

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We have to accept that society and life carries risk

Certainly not a silly statement as a true one – it does, and we all know it. That is, unless you have a government that, in my opinion, has – over several years used the fear factor to create a … Continue reading

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He kept US safe

Posted by: ReyMac In the wake of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, President Bush and his administration decided to keep the United States safe. A little late, but a good move nonetheless. Of course, having failed to do … Continue reading

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A bad habit

Cannibalism is a bad thing. Period. While I am a meat eater, I eat the meat of different animal species – not my own. I wish that the Democratic Party would follow my eating habits. It seems that with every electoral victory, Democratic elected officials … Continue reading

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Am I the only Liberal blogger who supports Israel?

I may not be – but from what I read it seems so. This report on CNN says: Hamas won’t stop rocket attacks on Israel. OK – if that is the case – do they think that Israel will comply … Continue reading

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