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History, do we learn from it?

Here you can read the full article – but what stood out to me more than anything else was this: (1) A deliberate policy of inciting competition between natives in order, by division, to maintain control; (2) a disregard for … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

  When I was five years old, I came home just before Thanksgiving and asked my parents for a knife.  Being good parents, they didn’t say no. They said, “why?” “To cut the heads off of my Indians.” Again, “why?” “They’re bad.” … Continue reading

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As it is the American Thanksgiving thing – CNN, does Turkey

I don’t know about you – but where the hell is Palin? Here is the list for 2008, Spitzer came out on top – and that isn’t much of a surprise. But what is, is that Palin isn’t on that … Continue reading

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