We did our best to make capitalism work

This can be said of many government – of many people, even the vile Murdoch’s of this world, yes, even they tried to make capitalism work. They, like the Labour governments of the UK, failed. Because, as the rest of the quote goes by Tony Benn – “and we failed. It never can work. It will always exploit and oppress the people.”

Because that is what capitalism is, and libertarianism, and Anarchy – all work well under fascism. And, to me, and millions more that look toward the horizon, is where we are today, one step away from fascism.

Why do we, on the left, keep telling you that capitalism has failed? It is a matter of trying, futilely sometimes, to wake you up to your own oppression. Each time you even feel you cannot pay a bill, buy a pint, pay for the fuel needed for your car – that is the feeling of oppression. It is not a gulag, a concentration camp, a death squad – it is not being able to enjoy your life as you wish. We will keep telling you that socialism is not the dirty word that so many who play the propaganda game will have you believe. They, by the way, are the very same people who keep telling you that you are not worth a living wage to pay for the things that still oppress you. It is they who support the capitalist system which is used to oppress you! And you accept it because you have been told for so many years to do just that, obey.

There is a film/movie coming out about Tony Benn – I do hope that you can take your time to see it, here is a small trailer about him, the film.

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Neoliberalism – the pyramid scheme

It really isn’t hard to look at neoliberalism and see where the title comes from. The top get immensely wealthy, those in the middle tiers work but get little, those on the bottom try to support all those about. If you look at any pyramid selling scheme you will see the very same thing, they are all, basically, the same.

On person gets you to invest in their new scoop, you will, of course, make a killing. Not as much as them, but that’s how these things work – for bringing you to the idea they make more than you. You, in turn, try to sell it to your family and friends, realising that most, if not all, of your family and friends are not as money orientated as you have become – you wonder why! Added to that you realise that you really don’t have that many friends – full stop. There it stops for you, but those that interested you in the idea go on with the bullshit because it pays them to do it. For each ten they talk to 1 will think this will work. The only person it works for is the scammer-in-chief.

That is how neoliberalism works. It keeps offering you a kernel of hope for it to be dashed at the door. But those that keep bringing it to you know you have hope and will try their new plan again. Circles, circles everywhere.

But, what you have to realise is that neoliberalism is as old as the hills, it is just repackaged capitalism. Conservatism plated for a new age, a new generation, a new you. And you will lap it up until the day you, and all those who are other you’s, realise that there is a scam going on, and it is a scam that is taking your life, and your money away from you – no, not those poor bastards that have nothing, those who don’t even get on the bottom rung of this pyramid scheme. Those at the top who want all of what you have and are asking you to be thankful for giving it to them.

Educate yourself about this, because, one day, while that top percentage is raping everything you believe in – you will become pissed off.

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Rather than dealing with the problems

I came across this peach while looking around good old facebook. Facebook, the repository of all New Labour, Conservative and LIBDEM lies and propaganda over the last few years, but that’s something else.

So what are the Tories proposing that is radically different than what they have been proposing for the last few centuries? Well one thing does come to mind – they can’t simply send the poor to Australia with the wish that they die. Like that happened, eh?

Disused Army bases would be redeveloped into housing for families

So, the Tory is proposing internment camps – or concentration camps where;

They would be on intensive programme to stay out of crime and in work

Forced labour/slave labour and to be thankful that this is how things are?

Layabout parents – like the characters in hit TV show Shameless – would undergo an ‘intensive’ programme to keep them out of crime and unemployment, says Adam Simmonds, Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Northamptonshire.

He said derelict Army bases could be used to house them while they were taught basic household skills, ordered to stop drinking and smoking, and given basic job training.

Their children, meanwhile, would be educated properly. ‘You’ve got to break the cycle, tackle that poverty of ambition,’ Mr Simmonds told The Mail on Sunday.

So there you have it – instead of Jews, working-class families should be housed in these bases/camps – of course they could simply leave, or would they have to be under barbedwire fencing?

This, my good friends, is what Tory voters vote for. They will not feel shame for what is being done in their name – because their excuse is ‘We didn’t vote for that! We just wanted the muslims removed, crime to come down and people to pay their own way! How is Labour going to … ?” That is their standard defence. Rather standing up to the menace they have delivered unto their fellow citizens – they will make excuses.

All this happened many years ago in another country. We know where that left the world. If you think I am being some sort of nut – go look at the evidence. It is there for all to see in plain sight – if you want to open your eyes.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

The article is from the Daily Mail – they supported Hitler and the Nazis.

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How to defend a twat

Fiona Phillips does a great job here

She defends a twat on the basis that British kids don’t like to be as exploited as their European (eastern) cousins, and because they don’t want to work themselves into the ground or an early grave due to exceptionally long hours and absolutely shit pay. But that’s fine – a “national Treasure” uttered these words so it has to be OK. She did point out the minimum wage of £3.72 an hour for young people, I mean – so much to do with so much cash! She qualified the slavish-type wages by saying this:

“Some British kids are spoilt – why should they bust their nuts working for £3.72 an hour when parental handouts for doing diddly squat are readily on tap?

Immigrant workers are hungry for work and they’ll work until they drop because they need the money.

Now, she defends the fact that UK wages for all are stupendously shit, it’s OK she has a very well paid job(s) so it really matters not to her or Jamie Oliver – she didn’t attack the countries where these young and not so young people come from because in those countries things are even worse!

She didn’t attack tuition fees are so high that not only do student have to work godawful hours rather than study, or party, but shit wages in shit conditions and ultimately take possible jobs that should be for people who are unemployed.

It’s OK, so long as those young are hard working individuals who are willing to be exploited – Jamie Oliver can say what he wants, he’s a carer, he cares!

No Fiona, he’s a twat who should be utilising his celebrity and you yours, to bring an open public eye to this exploitation of both domestic and foreign workers – but that may mean your cushy lifestyle may come into question, which makes you a twat, too!

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“Decisions have not been taken,” says David Cameron about Syria. And that’s probably the first lie of this war.

If you’re a Tory – and you keep getting stick both from the Mail and the Telegraph, you really should be looking at who is bringing about such unaccustomed ire. That man is the guy who wants his very own Falklands war, David Cameron.

Cameron, firstly, doesn’t care how many people get killed – he doesn’t care which nationality they are – he wants to win an election, that is almost as important as the oil under the ground or the gas to be had.

I still find it quite odd that for all the money and death that Cameron, Obama, Miliband and whomever want to spread around the world – why not take that money and turn the economies into green economies – not one jot of an excuse then to fight another war for oil. But that is not what the paymasters of those in power want – they want, on top of the mega-billions they already have, more.

Yet, if a disabled person wants to live in their home – a newly redundant middle manager wants to keep his new TV, a young woman raped and gave birth to the rapists child; and she wants to live her life alone – all this is wrong, the state should not help these ‘scroungers’. And Tory supporters agree with David Cameron – but will this be different? Will the Tory supporter now see it could well be their child, and not just the child of a poor family, that will be led away to war, only to die for Cameron’s army of banker friends who need some way to get out of paying the money back to the nation.

The propaganda has begun – the bombs will drop. Not in my name I say!

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If you really support the troops, you’ll defend what they died for


I don’t think so, be cause it is true. We are living a zombie life where there is fascism at the end, how close we are to that end we will see in the next few years.

Something here stood out to me, may be because I can agree with it 100% And, add to that this image:

How simple truth is truth

How simple truth is truth

We cannot, in any way, say that we are supporting out troops on far off lands when we are taking away their needs once they get home, or for some, not home but in a grave. How do we support their wives and children after they have given the ultimate sacrifice?

I’m old enough to know quite a few people who fought in both world wars, especially the second, my father included. How can we say, with clear conscience that we are supporting our fellow human beings when all we value is the cash in their pocket or bank account?

I want to be so wrong about this, but all I can see is a very bad end to all this with a few, again, getting humongously wealthy on the back of those who will fight and die.

I will say it again, and again until someone listens – neoliberals, neoconservatives and conservatives in general do not care one jot about the society they live within, they care about themselves.

It is up to you to support the troops, by getting back what has been stolen from you right before your very eyes.

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Britain, coasting in the glow of the affluent society.

Well no, not really – especially in the north – again. Sums up a UK society where the poorest are treated as scum of the earth and the disabled are treated as vermin. And that; not even by Tory politicians. Some people of the UK are still, even to this day, living in the glory of a past long dead. Even today it harped back to as the glory days of being what is British – noting in clamour of what it is to be a person who should be poor, under-employed, unemployed or disabled – that means nothing, a history of greatness long dead is all that matters.

But, as with this article, we see that something stay the same. From wanting the poor to be enclosed in workhouses to inept British management and entrepreneurship. You see, Britain has an identity crisis, it is still living and breathing bygone days. It will not, no matter what, grasp the now and head for the future – even, sadly, some of the working-class see this as something worth having.

The men who ran our car firms – men like William Morris, who became chairman of the newly merged British Motor Corporation (BMC) at the age of 74 – were elderly and autocratic.

Instead of embracing new technology and tapping the expanding European markets, they shrank from Continental competition and preferred to sell cheap cars to Britain’s former colonies.

That is still a quandary today – you have so many whom would willingly give up a trade deal with a far off shore to do business exclusively with the ‘Empire’. You have management who would rather die than have a working relationship with unions – and vice-versa. But why? That is an honest question – why?

For the life in me I cannot see the advantage of living in the past so much. Yes – I can see the relevance of that past, the glory of it, too. Yet I can see the evil it had as well as the bloodshed.

With fuel prices rocketing after Britain’s disastrous bid to recapture the Suez Canal from Egypt in 1956, BMC’s designers had been told to produce a car that was smaller and required less petrol.

And although the Mini was an enormous hit, there was a sting in the tail. BMC actually lost £30 [a lot of money way back then] for every car it sold.

Far from being a symbol of Sixties cool, therefore, the Mini was really a symbol of something rotten at the heart of Britain’s economy. It was a brilliantly designed metaphor for an industry crippled by complacent leadership, dreadful salesmanship and a fatal culture of self-satisfaction.

Exactly the same as it is today – and by the look of it, the ever-embracing arms of US citizenship for each UK subject – things can only get worse.

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