Why the rich stay rich: they don’t invest like the rest

As the BBC have now come to the conclusion that they are going to simply be a bond on the letter of the government – we see that they are not doing what they should be doing, exposing this vile government for what it is, but just to let you know how to become rich.

How the rich became rich is either by inheritance, winning the lottery or by exploitation of the worker. The inheritance part is included in this because they money/wealth came from exploiting the worker, too.

Obviously, to the BBC they want the status quo to continue. That means that they can get their vastly over-rated salaries, and they, too, can keep the people from looking at what the BBC should be doing, investigating the deaths of so many people at the hands of this government – or telling you that being rich is easy, just invest in property/art.

What bollocks!

BBC – Capital – Why the rich stay rich: they don’t invest like the rest.


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