Corporate profiteering, Non-voluntary volunteering

I am past the days of stating the quite obvious that neoliberalism is a force for evil. It is, but that is just a way of saying how much effort I put into it not how much you take away from it.

To be brutally honest – if you believe in neoliberalism you are either a complete dunce or a tit. Neoliberalism will, and never has, worked. Not happening man!

Mostly laughable is the people who believe in this shite are the uber-wealthy or the just-above-desperation class. Not that I am against them, it is they who need to organise more than anyone else against those who are proffering this garbage. Yes, next, will be a long run on how ‘human rights’ are such a bad thing and how private companies will make sure we are all safe and sound. You do have to chuckle because that is the spark that will light the long, slow fuse to a uber-wealthy’s demise, so that worth looking good.

The AAV man is well worth the follow.

Corporate profiteering

via 12 things you should know about "Help to Work".


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