How capitalism works …

I watched a film, Love Actually, it was on the TV and I heard Dido in the background, and as I liked what I heard I went on the internet to look it up. As always you never end up just listening to that song and you begin to click the links … blah!

So, I came across this. but, you may ask, what has that video got to do with capitalism? The fuck!!!

That video is how I see capitalism in a form of exploitation of the very worst off in life. Even to the extent of exploiting a disaster.

Charity, a form of capitalism, is utilised as a way of getting some cash out of you so you can feel better about those whom have had limbs ripped off, or for the most part – not dead. Even better if you can get multi-millionaires doing a vid, quite sickly, to highlight that people are dead, a lot of them, and make a song (cover, not original) so you will buy it, raise their highlight (false tears by that chic) – you will buy their next song ‘cos you’re so into them now.

How much of their millions we see floating about in the charity pot – not that much I would suspect. But still, they made a nice song so we all can feel good about giving them a lot of our cash because they advertised some disaster somewhere in the world where the people lived in abject poverty anyway – but mother nature stepped in.

The exploitation of a situation is what capitalism is, either the person, persons, or fact.

Capitalism equals exploitation. End of.


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