History, do we learn from it?

Here you can read the full article – but what stood out to me more than anything else was this:

(1) A deliberate policy of inciting competition between natives in order, by division, to maintain control; (2) a disregard for pledges and promises to natives, no matter how solemnly made; (3) the introduction of total exterminatory war against some communities of natives in order to terrorize others; and (4) a highly developed propaganda of falsification to justify all acts and policies of the conquerors whatsoever.

Now, take out the word native, though that is as important as what I say next, put in the words ‘working-class/middle-class (if you’re in north America)’

Even from the long dead days of colonisation of the ‘New World’ liberals and conservative capitalists have been using the same tactic – and the reason for that is it works. Well, it does until those oppressed organise.

You have to think – and I know this is hard for people to do, and I am not being facetious, it is hard to think about the terrible mess we have allowed to be built around us. It is even harder to think back to the days where history has been so filled with propaganda that the dreams you have will never seem real – yes, the 60s, 70s were really that good.

You have to educate yourself about the vileness of neoliberalism, but you do not have to become an economist to do so. You just have to take your blinkers off to see the world around you. And that is the easy part. Your country is dying because of these policies – so are your people. They have taught you how to worship what they worship – and that is not God. They worship money, or the illusion of having it.


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