Really? Have you ever noticed how those who scream this lamentable bullshit are, for the most part, those who step up and say we need more discipline in schools, and if the kids can’t behave then add a few police officers so the kids know what discipline is.

To me – they are just liberal fucktards!

Watch a bit of this.

Yes, because of all that discipline, and because teachers are so anti-establishment and will teach kids commie stuff, they are putting their kids, and ours, through a system whereby it’s more akin to prison than school!

You want children who can pass a test and nothing more. All this idiots want is for children to come out of school to go to work – anything other than making profit for large corporations, or business in general, is deemed, by these same imbeciles, as the best way forward. It is fine, as we see all to oft, that Simon Cowell, can exploit hundreds of thousands of people so he can become a multi-millionaire on the backs of the dreams of a few – and those same people who are denigrating teachers for asking that children should thing, sit those same children down in front of the box to watch Cowell’s money making machine in action – and they think it’s brill!

You don’t want children, you want pet’s!


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