We did our best to make capitalism work

This can be said of many government – of many people, even the vile Murdoch’s of this world, yes, even they tried to make capitalism work. They, like the Labour governments of the UK, failed. Because, as the rest of the quote goes by Tony Benn – “and we failed. It never can work. It will always exploit and oppress the people.”

Because that is what capitalism is, and libertarianism, and Anarchy – all work well under fascism. And, to me, and millions more that look toward the horizon, is where we are today, one step away from fascism.

Why do we, on the left, keep telling you that capitalism has failed? It is a matter of trying, futilely sometimes, to wake you up to your own oppression. Each time you even feel you cannot pay a bill, buy a pint, pay for the fuel needed for your car – that is the feeling of oppression. It is not a gulag, a concentration camp, a death squad – it is not being able to enjoy your life as you wish. We will keep telling you that socialism is not the dirty word that so many who play the propaganda game will have you believe. They, by the way, are the very same people who keep telling you that you are not worth a living wage to pay for the things that still oppress you. It is they who support the capitalist system which is used to oppress you! And you accept it because you have been told for so many years to do just that, obey.

There is a film/movie coming out about Tony Benn – I do hope that you can take your time to see it, here is a small trailer about him, the film.


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