Neoliberalism – the pyramid scheme

It really isn’t hard to look at neoliberalism and see where the title comes from. The top get immensely wealthy, those in the middle tiers work but get little, those on the bottom try to support all those about. If you look at any pyramid selling scheme you will see the very same thing, they are all, basically, the same.

On person gets you to invest in their new scoop, you will, of course, make a killing. Not as much as them, but that’s how these things work – for bringing you to the idea they make more than you. You, in turn, try to sell it to your family and friends, realising that most, if not all, of your family and friends are not as money orientated as you have become – you wonder why! Added to that you realise that you really don’t have that many friends – full stop. There it stops for you, but those that interested you in the idea go on with the bullshit because it pays them to do it. For each ten they talk to 1 will think this will work. The only person it works for is the scammer-in-chief.

That is how neoliberalism works. It keeps offering you a kernel of hope for it to be dashed at the door. But those that keep bringing it to you know you have hope and will try their new plan again. Circles, circles everywhere.

But, what you have to realise is that neoliberalism is as old as the hills, it is just repackaged capitalism. Conservatism plated for a new age, a new generation, a new you. And you will lap it up until the day you, and all those who are other you’s, realise that there is a scam going on, and it is a scam that is taking your life, and your money away from you – no, not those poor bastards that have nothing, those who don’t even get on the bottom rung of this pyramid scheme. Those at the top who want all of what you have and are asking you to be thankful for giving it to them.

Educate yourself about this, because, one day, while that top percentage is raping everything you believe in – you will become pissed off.


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2 Responses to Neoliberalism – the pyramid scheme

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  2. shannon says:

    You are a legend. The sickness of this world all makes more sense now. The rapists telling us to be grateful for the “opportunities” they have “created” for us. Indigenous societies living for millenia in peace and harmony the world over have been fed into the pulp mill. Greed is the disease, fueled by irrational materialistic priorities, priorities socialised into us by those in control of the means of information dissemination. Neoliberalism is a pyramid scheme. It couldn’t be clearer.

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