If you really support the troops, you’ll defend what they died for


I don’t think so, be cause it is true. We are living a zombie life where there is fascism at the end, how close we are to that end we will see in the next few years.

Something here stood out to me, may be because I can agree with it 100% And, add to that this image:

How simple truth is truth

How simple truth is truth

We cannot, in any way, say that we are supporting out troops on far off lands when we are taking away their needs once they get home, or for some, not home but in a grave. How do we support their wives and children after they have given the ultimate sacrifice?

I’m old enough to know quite a few people who fought in both world wars, especially the second, my father included. How can we say, with clear conscience that we are supporting our fellow human beings when all we value is the cash in their pocket or bank account?

I want to be so wrong about this, but all I can see is a very bad end to all this with a few, again, getting humongously wealthy on the back of those who will fight and die.

I will say it again, and again until someone listens – neoliberals, neoconservatives and conservatives in general do not care one jot about the society they live within, they care about themselves.

It is up to you to support the troops, by getting back what has been stolen from you right before your very eyes.


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