No one’s saying you’re not a caring dad — give or take the odd daughter left behind in the pub

I think I feel physically ill – sick, ready to vomit … but to give credit where credit is due, this article in The Sun (spit) is spot on, almost!

Sorry, Dave, but this is where yesterday’s announcement goes from the well-meaning actions of a caring dad to a hugely worrying intrusion by the State.

He talks of “protecting families”.

But what about single people who own computers and who enjoy watching porn?

What about couples who quite harmlessly use sexual images as a harmless stimulant in their own relationship?

What, for that matter, about the millions of families who already have the good sense to teach their kids the rights and wrongs of internet use?

Quite! What about those MILLIONS? The thing is this question of fear has mounted so high that the bow is breaking under the pressure. Fear can only go as far as it can until people stop being fearful. Once that happens then people start to ask questions, and that seems to be happening while some celebs are getting on with being 1. Celebs and 2. appearing around the country/world asking probing questions that have been on the minds of people for a while now.

How long, asks The Sun, before it is a matter that: ‘To read views which clash with those of the Government?’ we will have to opt-in? It simply is not just about porn on the internet – because, no matter what Cameron does or any UK government for that matter, the internet is here to stay and so is porn – in all it’s forms. Education is the principle key here. Teach the young what is real and what is not – and also what to stay clear of – because it is a guarantee once those young people grow up they will seek out what titillates them.

Cameron, the supposed man of little government, infiltrates with the nanny state he says he is opposed to – no, Dave – you’re sticking your nose where it has no business being.

Now I am going to shower because I feel so dirty reading that article.


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