…overly preoccupied with what it purportedly does, while remaining cavalier about what it actually is

Bullshitism – or, as many would say – neoliberalism.

Even though there has not existed full consensus on just what sort of animal the market “really” is, the neoliberals did agree that, for purposes of public understanding and sloganeering, neoliberal market society must be treated as a “natural” and inexorable state of mankind.

So … neoliberalism is all about sloganeering – yet another word for bullshit! They cannot agree what thier ‘market’ is, if it sound nice then that is what people really want.


What people want is money in today’s society – because that pays the bills, runs the car, sends kids to extended school, and beer – and/or shoes, take ya pick.

To get money people need to work. To do that companies need to exist to pay wages, good wages. That means people can pay for all sorts of stuff – and save a little. That means that exports can continue and imports can continue and the world of capitalism (spit) continues – until bullshitism begins.

You should that piece I linked to, quite the read and not bad for the casual user.

The contradiction with which the neoliberals constantly struggle is that a strong state can just as easily thwart their program as implement it; hence they are inclined to explore new formats of techno-managerial governance that protect their ideal market from what they perceive as unwarranted political interference.

Proof, almost positive, that neoliberalism is wanting to be a parasite. The bigger problem is that it has almost made it.

We see a neoliberal world around us, and for some this is something we cannot do anything about. Quite wrong. Neoliberals need the State – and they know it, they also know that if the State was to turn against neoliberalism it, itself, wouldn’t stand a chance. Hence why it, as a doctrine, is trying to get us all to think in the same exhaustive way.

Neoliberals and neoliberalism has a major, yet untapped enemy. Socialism. Once people see the benefit of socialism – and neoliberals want to make socialism sound awfully evil, people, citizens, will embark; quite quickly on a road to dismantling neoliberalism forthwith.

Socialism is too being spread by the very tool we are using now – it is being slowly explained and people are beginning to like being called citizens once more and not, simply, customers of their own taxes.


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