95 weeks to go

When you see a countdown like that you would normally expect the US to be voting for their new King – or queen as a possibility. But no, it is for the long, long awaited UK election.

An election that, literally, could change the direction of the entire nation – but no one, especially the ordinary folk, are not taking one bit of notice. Just as the conservatives want them to do.

The conservatives will reiterate that austerity is still the only way forward – ignoring the proof that it is the last thing they should be doing. New Labour will simply agree with them. The LIBDEMS will get ready to be annihilated, with good cause, too.

Then, there is this.

Will it come about? I dearly hope so. New Labour and their vile policies thrown into an abyss.

As to the question of ‘Is there a want for a new, left-wing party?’ Not just a want – there is a yearning. More than a need. I hope the unions will provide the UK with a new party. A left-wing party ready to reinvigorate the UK once again – just as it did after the second world war. A left-wing party that brought about full employment – and we see the right-wing abomination raping the very nation it says it serves.

Conservatives are evil, vile vermin!


About Bolshy

Blogging in the ether to see if that elusive literary agent or publisher wants some new talent.
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