Capitalists hate capitalists

All this free market economy stuff is all well and good, but it is, in the terms of an Englishman – bullshit. There cannot be a free market economy, not now, not ever. Why, you may ask?

Well – let’s look at some obvious and simple facts; shall we?

Do you think, for one immaculate, fleeting moment, there are no corporations – none, zero, nada, who own anything, including the people who work for it. Imagine that! Try!

You can’t can you? Neither can the same corporations, even though they want to embrace a free market model, they won’t give up one cent of what they already have to achieve it – it must be done on their (all and each of them) terms. But who takes the biscuit as top dog, Walmart? Apple? Microsoft? BP? Who decides who can join the great club? None of them do yet all of them do, too. Because they won’t start from the beginning, because they won’t go back to what they once were – a small business in a competing world. They are scared to do so. Terrified even – hence the purge of employment in most western nations outsourcing everything to China, for profit.

They won’t invest in people, train them, bring them into the world of free markets whereby each people can make a decision whether to buy their products or not – they, each of them want to kill off the other so that they, and they alone, are the only ones selling anything. Capitalists hate other capitalists because they’re capitalist.

Simple as hat really. So forget free market economies, there is no such thing and never will be.



About Bolshy

Blogging in the ether to see if that elusive literary agent or publisher wants some new talent.
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