No, not the computer thinghy, the United States of Britain.

Or, that is what it should now be called, officially – the GB part went a long time ago, out came the Neo-Cons/Neo-Libs, and here we are today, so much so that the days of helping out those around the world has come to this.

The days are long gone of neighbourly chat. Days of yore when each person of any indigenous nation would quite willingly forego the meaningless nationalist chatter. The neo-cons have made the world a much worse place to live – ugly was a word used in a conversation, and ugly is the correct word to use. The world has become ugly because of greed. Because of the few needing to be so wealthy that, when they die, they can rest in peace in a more ornate wooden box – for that is what the world has become.

Conservatives are ugly people. Not, on the whole ugly in that they would break each mirror as they walked by, but ugly inside. They are nasty people who care not for their fellow men and women. Ugly in mind and thought, which, as we see so much of today, is infecting so many others.

The left needs to stand up to this – we do, but still so many will sit by and do as the neo-con want – nothing. So many say they want change, but do precisely nothing to achieve it. One person who is a member of 5 million bloc can do immense things – they just need convincing of that. Yet that will not change until there is a credible left to lead, not a Tory party whom happen to wear the former colour of the left. Though even that is almost a bygone thing.


Labour, New Labour, Blue Labour – each steadfast in adopting Tory policy? That isn’t an opposition, and it will not rekindle what it is the be GB! What is; is giving the people a marked difference from what has been going on for the last 30+ years, a move away from right-wing policy.

That, and only that, will save the UK from becoming a subsidiary of the US, though even now I feel it is too late.


About Bolshy

Blogging in the ether to see if that elusive literary agent or publisher wants some new talent.
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