Guns to the left of me, guns to the right – here I am …

I don’t subscribe to the Times – not because I am cheap, it’s because like so many Murdoch press effigies, I will not pay him a dime if I can help it. Yet, this beauty plied its way onto my FB news feed:

Brookes, Times

A cartoonist hitting the proverbial once again on the head. Cameron, and I would proffer Obama have and are willing to hand over, once again, arms and cash in the support of what seems to me another chapter in the on-going, because it never really finished, cold war.

Pawns fighting the war that, and we have to admit this is true, America, the UK and Russia don’t really want to fight. Far better that innocents die rather than their own people – especially on their own soil. We see that they are quite willing to see their soldiers die in unwinnable wars – adding to this injustice they are willing to see those who have come back scared in so many different ways, fall to the wayside because they will not, are not, willing to help those who they send into battle.

It is not a matter that we should be supporting our troops in places of battle, we should be not sending them in to wars that we are not prepared to see. We are their problem. Letting another mothers child die is fine with us, our own is a different matter. Yet we confirm this every time we see another soldier dead.

Cameron and his ilk are certainly not willing to lead the charge in far of nations – they deem it fine to tell generals to do it, yet, politically, they see fit to rape their own nation only to finance wars elsewhere. What ever happened to the ‘conservative’ charity starts at home myth?

Though I loathe the deaths that are happening around the world in nations that have been shaped by us – we cannot stop the carnage. We want to I am sure, but no matter what we do we cannot stop it. We must leave and hope and pray we can negotiate with all to bring about a peaceful solution. Adding wood to a fire does not put it out.

Giving more money to arms companies will not do anything other than bring about further death – but Cameron really doesn’t care about that, he, like all in Parliament, is there to take what he can as soon as he can, which Arms company will he find a seat on the board?

We will have to wait and see.


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