Rarely will you hear me say ‘Fuck the BBC’

… but you just have, and, with what I believe is a just cause. I believe in the freedom of speech. I may hate the very essence of you for saying what you’re saying, but still I will defend your right to say it. Comes to actions such as genocide, we my come to blows, but I digress. The BBC have no right whatsoever in banning the full song Ding Dong the Witch is dead, not only because the fact remains that she is – but in a celebration of that said fact! Thatcher, a most hated and reviled witch ever to surface in the guise of a politician, let alone and British politician, is finally dead. And as so many in the world laugh and have a party while the dictator slumbers in any place other than heaven we should too.




The vile agreer of Apartheid, the vile killer of good servicemen and women, the vile subjugator of the working people of the UK. The BBC, in this action, defends her. Not from the millions who are celebrating her passing, but from those of the Mail and the Sun. Those media mogal that make life hell for the ordinary UK citizen. The BBC who should be stood upon parapit to denounce what Thatcher did and be responsible toward the UK public.




Simply ask yourself whom among who should have a state funeral? And I am not asking the men, women and children of the UK – I asking the BBC.

The vile carcass is gone, so it is a matter of celebration that we and the world are now rid of her. Now BBC, start standing up for the downtrodden as you once did – or has Thatcher got into your very bones you now have nothing but fear?


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One Response to Rarely will you hear me say ‘Fuck the BBC’

  1. eksith says:

    The BBC today isn’t the same entity that existed merely 10-15 years ago. Either the number of licenses have really declined (unlikely) or we’re seen other forces pulling on the corners of the sail causing it veer well outside the waters of impartiality.

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