The price of inclusiveness

Over the last few days it should have, but won’t – we know that the real talking point is about Mick Philpott, been about how the Tories have raped the British people en masse and the British people, namely, and almost exclusively the English don’t care. They have with one foul sweep eradicated the Tory ideal of helping ones fellow man once on the deck – and normally getting a kicking from said Tories. But my truck is not with the Tories – they are a vile bunch and will, as we have seen, do anything to anyone with no concern for their actions. I have a gut wrenching feeling of utter detest when I think of the Tory or their followers. And a pity that a Tory voter is more akin to an avarice than to any human I can relate to.

But no – my seething anger is not toward them, it is toward New Labour and those who are in charge of what was once a Labour Party.

I said many moons ago that if New Labour were to stay in charge of Labour, if Progress got a foothold, Labour would be doomed. It is, and I hate to say this, I was correct. I blame the lilly-livered Fabians for believing their crooked view of socialism.

People voted massively for the Lib-Dem lie at the last election, why many did ask? In brief, this is why. Voting so massively for the LibDems have led the country to this. People wanted a change from neo-liberal policies enacted by Blair, Major and Thatcher – people still want that change today – where then is Labour? Still fighting in the corner of the Tories, basically being rope-a-doped! Now is the time to come out and lay out specific policies, not 8 weeks before an election. Now is the time as it will both leave open Tory/LibDem policy but will open up the debate that a Labour party could win. Policies of shoring up social security, bringing back the NHS into and under public control. Making the banks pay for their mistakes and making sure they pay back the public purse. Taxing those who can afford more and not taxing those who cannot.

I and many know this will not happen because New Labour are not and never will be the Labour Party of Nye. They are, as we know, Tories – and are cowards of the yellow hue because they will not admit it. The unions need to dump them like a bad penny and fund a more progressive party such as the Greens, though even they need to rethink certain policies.

The Labour Party is dead, long live the Labour Party – where ever it may be.

If you can find money to kill people you can fine money to help them – Tony Benn MP


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