Profits do not cookers buy

Odd that I say that, as any who are in business know that you need to make profit – for investment and the like. But, as with the deficit, profits will come along soon. It is almost a given, unless you really are a useless business person and don’t see anything other than the bank book you hold as the be all and end all of your business. Having a business is not the same as self-employment, job-wise. It is much, much more. This is something that has been cut out of the heart of the matter. A business is a long-term thing, with aspiration, needs and wants.

So, how is it that profits don’t buy cookers? People buy cookers, and cars, and knives, forks, spoons, nappies, fruit, beer. And, if people don’t have a reasonable amount of disposable income – they don’t spend! It really is that simple. The wealth creators are those who spend, certainly not those who bank every last penny to become ever more rich at the hands of devious profiteering or bailouts.

It is demand that will stimulate the economies back into life – not stopping everyone spending.

“In 1998 our economy was devastated. It collapsed. We learnt a lot. We had major reforms,” he said.

“We did many things. So 10 years later, when the economy was impacted, we were united – the government, private sector, regions.

“We also developed policies – fiscal policies, monetary policies – that protected us. We should prevent (companies) conducting lay offs.

“We should safeguard unemployment levels. We know the community was impacted by this. We provided social assistance, we provided stimulus so that (people) can buy purchases: President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

Cameron and Miliband could learn something from this guy!


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