And we look toward the East

“I would never have said that we would have to look far further a field than here – our own backyard. Why is it that way too many of the managers have not come to work? Why is it that the sky is so hazy these days, George?”

George, you may not know, was an immigrant to the USA from Russia. He believed that coming to the USA was the finest move he could make, he never did understand why, these days of all days, the USA looked toward China with such envy. The US had abandoned being the US a long time ago. George had come into a fragmented nation. One where Rand was all that was known and the people were breaking down the doors of the new oppressors.

Though that hasn’t happened yet the US, UK and many-a-nation are forming an orderly queue to make it happen. To follow as fictional a character writer as Rand into a brave new world of obliteration. Yet, as I have said before and will repeat once again here – it has to happen. Before anything that needs to surpass the great fall we have to live through it. I cannot find the words of sorrow that I feel now before it gets into its final phase and what that will mean for the poor and not so poor; alike.

Some still say that I am a doom and gloom merchant – that could well be the case. I have to say to those who venture that thought, hold it still for a while. The world, so close came to a catastrophic fall just a few short years ago – and it is your memory that forgets. Yes – the capitalists are making hay as the hazed sun shines. Yet not much else is happening without the direction of government orders to invest.

The fall must happen for the world to re-boot. But, this time it will be far, far different. And, as you should also be warned, the ‘great leaders’ of out nations know it. It is you who do not.

We have to have the hand of Rand. We, WE, need it. Not the mega-corporation – they in all seriousness do not care. They see nothing but profit and humans as an asset or a hindrance. A world of slums and begging from one another and an offer of a few hours work a month would do them fine – not, on the other hand, us.


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One Response to And we look toward the East

  1. thebeadden says:

    I agree things are going to become pretty bleak for many people. People that are not in debt, not living on credit, living simple lives, and not afraid of hard work, will still suffer, but less. Good things may come of this, people will finally realize that we don’t really need all this crap to live.

    I’d love a happy medium, where we can have the best of both. Whatever would we do without the internet? Who knows what will come of this? I have no idea, but I am not going to be that deer in the headlights… 😉

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