Well … what a Nazi!

Some say, and I fervently disagree with them, that being a person so squarely on the left of the political spectrum you lose insight and foresight about what is patriotism. We, for some obscure and random reason, cannot be as patriotic as those on the centre-right or, if we nudge them in their correct direction, far-right. No we cannot – we, of the left, must simply doff our brow and become speechless in the eyes of those wrapped in our respective national flag – that’s the only way to be patriotic you see – to show it hard and loud, and by buggeration if anyone should try to stop me….

Still, what is more odd is looking into those sad eyes of great men and women who have seen far-rightedness up-close and very, very personal. I don’t see many wanting their children, grand children or even great grand children to roam the fields of far off lands killing for the sake of freedom. Though, once again, they see that all too often in wars that cannot be won and should never have been started. The right, lets really put them in the context that they do understand, do want to fight – well, they don’t, some kid who has no where to go in life other than the scrapheap or the dutiful killing fields – THEY can go, not my precious child or grand child. We see, all too often, that it is the kids who look to the scrapheap as a sanctuary are the most right-wing of all. Is this lack of education? Too much of The Red Tops? Too much booze? Cigs? Weed? Posturing with heil saluted arm and hand, joyful in how this will upset the local immigrants – (must make sure I call in the corner shop for that bread mum wanted, what time does it close? Yeah, half ten!) – make sure that the streets are safe for that old guy who always seems to be weeping as he walks to get his pension. A proud fucker is he many of the new recruits to the local ad hoc nazi movement.

That old man, as proud as he deserves to be – once, many years ago – would have shot them in the face with a seething hatred or pure pity that they were on the wrong side. He hated Nazi’s. He wasn’t one to flaunt to gain smitten attention. He didn’t need to be – he was on the side of right, and he didn’t want to kill. He just had to to stop the killing coming too close to home. He saw barbarism that he wished none on his worst enemy. He is a man of guarded words because he is no longer the stronger and must waiver to the stronger youth. Youth he had fought for long before he had even fathered their father or mother.

Yet, today, we see them with great right-pride. So great that to kill a few thousand of their fellow man to make a point would be worth it in the long run.

Hope, not hate!



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Blogging in the ether to see if that elusive literary agent or publisher wants some new talent.
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