Isn’t it odd the way Conservatives think?

In this day and age of economic meltdown – so many-a-conservative call upon the work-shy and fickle to go out and get a job. Us, on the left, certainly see things in a different light – we believe that more than just going out and getting a job no matter how bad the economy is, we believe that there should be a “Right to Work”. Not just a need, nor even, some idiotic, populist politician telling us that we should go find a job – a right, a real, constitutional right to work! What, then, does that do to the thinking of the conservative and Conservative thinker? One who will muse about the good old days of the 1950s subservient women and a good paying job. A time when there was plenty for all and crime was really low and you could beat your children into submission with a big stick. 

No, seriously, what does the C/conservative thinker think that we, on the left, want a right to work and they want a right for business to exploit every loophole they can find to make the said C/conservative pay much more taxes than is needed so that the corporation doesn’t have to pay a penny. Or, in fact, that the CEO of Barklays doesn’t actually pay incomes tax, the corporation pays it for him.

What is even more sad for him is that he isn’t the top “earner”.

Meanwhile, the two bailed-out UK banks – Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland – paid their top eight employees £16m and £19.8m, respectively, in 2011.

The highest-paid RBS staff member is Ellen Alemany, who heads the firm’s US business, according to the BBC’s business editor Robert Peston.


She was paid £4.7m in 2011.

But, I would say, that this is all OK with our political opponents. After all, all those who don’t “earn” their living should all be made to work for their £70 a week. Even if it means working nights in a supermarket with no conditions of work.

Got to love a good C/conservative – once you find one, of course.



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