Socialism’s important aspect: Democracy

As the world – on a minor level – watches how the USA moves further into the days, the dark days and hopefully the latter days of a short lived feudal system, earmarked by its latest row over nothing except who owns the power in that nation, we have to look at what socialism can bring in reference to democracy.

Socialism is based on a wider democratic field. One where each and all who are affected by the system has an equal say in it. The current capitalist system does not – far, far from it. If we were all to be history buffs – those who take more than an imperial glance at what our nations history actually is, we can go back slightly further and see what happened in the days of yore. A simple, yet, in my opinion, search of good old wiki shows us what can be seen to correlate with today:

Feudalism was a set of political and military customs in medieval Europe that flourished between the ninth and fifteenth centuries, which, broadly defined, was a system for ordering society around relationships derived from the holding of land in exchange for service or labour.

We, as a whole democratic make-up, are encouraged to elect one or another king/queen/nobleman/woman of whatever hue. Yet – as has been said to me on so many occasions: “They all piss in the same pot”: “They are all the same”. This, if we were to be truly honest with ourselves, is correct – and why wouldn’t it be? The nobleman wants power over the masses. You can, if you so wish, read where the nobility lay. What is more important is that you look at what that nobility does – and how it is effective in countries such as the US. In most western nations where capitalism has come to where it should be called corporatism, where those who have the most money have the most say is there for you to see in open writings.

Democracy today is a sham! An elite is there literally running every show on earth. They have the most power because they have the most wealth and they can pull almost any string they want to make many-a-politician sing their song. But is this new? The answer to that is a simple and conclusive, no! Yet, what was it before that held back the corporations from doing what they liked, when they liked, and to whom they liked? It didn’t. It is now that we see a public that is much, much better informed than it once was. The greatest invention, bar none, in my eyes, is this medium you are using now – and that is the fundamental reason that politicians and corporatists want to take full and unabashed control over it. Socialism on the other hand does not.

Under a socialist system, whether one purely of political nature or both economic and political the information that is needed by the people to make a judged and informed decision is freely available. When I say free, I mean free, no fees or draconian rules to follow – but free. That is the first step in socialist democracy. The dumbing down of society will stop. Socialism is not simply about economic planning though that can be an important part. It is about the very empowerment an emancipation that the population so yearn. How this is achieved is, again, quite simple in both logistic and financial terms. You are using the very media that can bring this about at virtual no cost.

We see today that the politicians that want the status quo to continue will use Twitter and facebook. If they can use that to alleviate you of a vote they do not deserve then why cannot it not be used to bring forth more information of their true intentions? It is, but most will not look for this on so-called ‘social media’ because, still, today it is too difficult for the ‘common man/woman’ to find. Because socialism, at its heart, believes that those who want to ‘rule’ should do so through merit, you should show that merit for all to see so they can make that judged and informed decision. Can this be said for those who are running for office now or have in the past? Look into current ongoing elections and you will find many stories of those who were apart of the elite who has a somewhat “shady” past offering advice in the ear of the sitting baron or lord.

In and of socialism YOU are the person who calls the shots – if any say they believe in socialism and that there should be a power elite then they are not socialist.


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