Socialism and technology

It is odd to be told that me, as a socialist, hates technology. That socialism would bring us back to the dark ages of peasantry and feudalism. That socialism would not, nor could not – because we socialists don’t believe in people being rich – ever nurture new technology. We would still be breaking our backs in coal mines and steel mills to make sure that the unions were running the country to the detriment of the middle and upper-class.

To be told that, well, I looked upon the person and said that they really had no idea what the world looked like today – let alone how a world, a socialist world, could ever look like. They play the lottery 3 times a week in the hope of becoming part of the social élite, to holiday in the Cayman Isles, and drive a Ferrari. They are, at present, a wage slave, as much of us are, and want to get out of the drudge of working for a living. They denounce those who are on ‘welfare’, have 2 kids going to a state school, pay too much tax drive a car financed by a bank loan and a mortgage that will pay off their ‘investment’ in another 12 years. So, a pretty average person I would say.

What is wrong is that fact that, as a working person – this person does understand that for people to live with more leisure time we have to have something in place that will do our graft for us while we are out doing other things. That would be, obviously, technology. The difference in motivation in and on the technological base would be that any, or most, innovation and invention would be to make the workers life a lot easier. It would not solely be about bringing greater profit to the business owner as it is today. The technology brought in replaces workers and so the spiral down toward diminished wages and unemployment begins ad infinitum.

If a robot can do a ‘man’s’ work – then use it. The robot could cost in excess of a million, but that in a capitalist society is fine, because it brings profit due to the robot never tiring 2/7 – never having to take a break for a pee or, in fact, having to get a wage to pay for the capitalist society around it. Isn’t that irony? Bringing in a robot to do something so you don’t have to pay someone to produce what you need to sell to buy more robots?

Capitalists tell us that this frees up the worker to be employed somewhere else. Breeds innovation in another sector of the economy so the worker has to be flexible to go get that job. Yet – we see time and time again that the period between all this moving around the country to a time without much cash to do the moving let alone living. It also means that the next capitalist is trying to get a robot to do that job so the cycle can begin again. If a fast-food restaurant could get a robot to serve those fries and burger with a happy face, they would. That is the nature of the beast that is capitalism. To create wealth for the few.

In socialism it is entirely possible that we would not have such things as iPods. Though, if the demand was there for such a thing to make live easier, and not worthless, then they would be invented and used as widely as they are now. Innovation in the business sector would be no less than it is now – I would say that it would be more. Research and development in a socialist society would be very high on the shelf of valued skills and employment, add to that (killing another myth about socialism) it would be one of the highest paid jobs out there. Technology would be innovated to help the R&D worker as well as the man or woman who worked in a factory. More free time and more money can be achieved under socialism but not under capitalism. Wages for your valued work would be paid by what you put into society.

while upper stage communism is based on the principle of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”; the upper stage becoming possible only after the socialist stage further develops economic efficiency and the automation of production has led to a superabundance of goods and services

THAT’S Communism! Socialism is and comes before communism – so can you imagine how far technology would advance in a socialist economy?

The days of the capitalist theorem of a fair days pay for a fair days work is dead. It has been for decades. Now the capitalist wants a fair days pay for a fair months work.

Technological advancement is very fast today. It is based on what can be sold, not what can be utilised to make life easier for the employee. Capitalists, or conservatives, believe that the employee must work ever harder for lesser pay. With socialism that is not the case, it is quite opposite. The harder you work the more pay that you get, the easier we will make it for you to do that job. The advancement of technology under socialism would be greater because both employee and employer would ask for that technology and entrepreneurs would work harder and more efficiently to offer it.

Socialists love technology with a passion.


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  1. thebeadden says:

    I’ve been enjoying your recent articles!

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