Socialism, as I want to explain it … well my point anyway

Socialism is difficult to explain if you really haven’t read up about it, and believed such idiots as Reagan speaking about its evil. Socialism isn’t evil – it is a matter of working for the people rather than just a few. Where wealth is held in the hands of a greedy few and spread much more evenly around. We see, today, that many actually feel that this should be the case. See the younger generation in the US – many voted for Obama because they believed he would do something spectacular on health care provision there – he did, in comparative terms for the US, yet still, not enough for many.

We do still see the propaganda that socialism means every work-shy person will be given a mansion to live in, thousands of unearned dollars, pounds, Euros just to sit on there idle arses. That, I can promise you, is not the case.

With socialism, everyone works. That is from the wayward to the healthy to the disabled to those who are not partaking in anything that will benefit those around them, their community, their country. If a person should be incapable of work then they will not be a second-class citizen who is made to live in abject poverty because they cannot add anything to the community as a whole. That will mean them having a greater safety net than is in place now – but they are our fellow human beings and they deserve our support. Those who fall ill shall have the best healthcare that can be given, from cradle to grave. They will have the support from local to national government to get them back to producing for the local and national well being as soon as possible. People will be educated, not just in academic subjects, but in ethereal subjects, where they have the ability to think and question. It isn’t about a totalitarian state repressing the people – socialism is the people – the people who will own both the means of production and, which is just as important, the wealth that production be-gets.

It is about knowing that each day you produce you are adding to those who are a part of the community that you belong. It is about ridding the world of intolerance and poverty, inequality and bigotedness. It is about having a government that will seek what is in the best interest of the vast majority rather than the few. Something that capitalism has failed to do.

Funnily enough, socialism would produce a much freer market than capitalism could even begin to imagine. Though, in a socialist state it would be much easier to set up a ‘business’ than it is in the corporate states we live in today. Ideas would be accepted more readily because they were, by definition, ideas. Socialism, which is what capitalists believe, is evil because it would not allow a few bankers become billionaires at the expense of the community.

Socialism is hated by those who are motivated by an aspiration to have so much wealth that they are scared to spend it. Socialism is hated by those who feel the individual is more important than the next. Socialism is hated by those who believe having full employment gives too much power to the people – no matter what they say about civil liberties.

The argument that all socialism does is produce an idle class, where those who don’t want to work will be given everything for doing nothing – that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is, interestingly, those who have the greater part of the wealth of any nation that will – and does – proffer that argument. From news media to the common gossip columnist. Yet, do you ever see them directing that accusation to those who, by any means foul, do very little and accrue a great amount of wealth? Or, more to the truth – aim that argument toward, and in doing so deflect the former – aim more at those who are commonly known as the working-class? Those of the ‘true’ middle-class will not object – why would they? Their aspiration is to be socially mobile upward – further acquisition of their personal wealth at the detriment of the working-class. Buying into the capitalist genre that you can make it too, if you think the way we do.

Socialism isn’t about taking from the rich and squandering “their” money on the undeserving poor. It is a matter that no one, in such nations as ours, no one should be poor – at all.

Socialism is localism, it is about what you want, at both local and national level with us all being involved to what and by what ability we have and can add something, no matter how little or great to the community whether a greater one or small.

It isn’t about giving houses to those who cannot afford them – it is about giving homes to those who need them. It isn’t about giving a free ‘welfare’ cheque to those who will not work, it is about giving support to those who need it in dire times.

It is about us, the people and society, working for one another for the betterment of all. And that, to me, isn’t a bad thing at all.


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3 Responses to Socialism, as I want to explain it … well my point anyway

  1. mark wright says:

    brilliant summary of waht socialism really means summed up perfectly

  2. hat is a great post Will, but I tend to disagree with how wonderful socialism would be. I have seen People try a Communist government and fail. I have seen people try a Socialist government and fail. I have seen people try a Capitalist gov…ernment and fail. I heave even seen people try a Divine government and fail. Then it occurred to me that there was a commonality with all of these. They all contained “people”.

    What if i wanted to be a rock star or play a game like football in a Socialist economic structure? Should get paid the same as a guy who labors at a minivan factory for 70 hrs a week. (wait bad example. in a capitalist society they get paid thousands of time more.) But who dictates what I should do for a living in this “everybody does their part” society? How do you decide who gets to be in charge of things? Corruptible voting? Who gets to decide what this community would need? Hoe many doctors, Wal-Mart clerks, and sewage treatment plant labor units do we need?

  3. thebeadden says:

    That is what socialism was meant to be. Instead, our government provides for the rich out of the pockets of the people who need it most. No wonder socialism has such a bad name. They changed the rules. Great post!

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