“Decapitation” – will it work?

The National Union of Students in the UK are planning to “decapitate”, not literally, figuratively, Nick Clegg and others of the LibDem’s for their brazen disregard of what they, the LibDem’s, said was a core policy of their manifesto. One, that they have admitted they didn’t really mean – but it sounded good to get votes.

The National Union of Students will launch a “decapitation” strategy aimed at ousting Nick Clegg and other top Liberal Democrats from parliament in protest at the party’s U-turn on student fees.

The move aims to build on anger about coalition policies – which spilled over into violence on Wednesday – in Lib Dem-held constituencies with large student populations.

I am sure that people are really angry with both ConDems and the Lib’s – this was shown only a few days ago with the protest in London. Yet – I have to question whether the new tactic will work – I certainly want it to. But we see that the ConDem government are going to go for the full term of Parliament – can the UK afford that they do? I doubt that the country can – the devastation that will be left will, I believe, make the most middle of Middle-Class weep. Though that would normally make me smile I am now of the belief that the Middle-Class, Working-Class and anyone else should join in and try to do something about the draconian policies that are about to be enacted by, and who would have thought it, a more right-wing government than New Labour. New Labour, though not dead, still has some influence on the Labour Party – it would have agreed with the militarisation of the police – but how can the Labour Party or its members – or, in fact, the UK public at large?

The ConDems know that there is about to be rising protests, they are getting ready for that and them. They want the remaining police to be on their side. So, we have to question how will these acts of decapitation of MPs work? A stimulus of protests in London will not. The government is hoping that this is where the protest will take place, they want them their so that both media and police action can be controlled. If you want MPs to listen to you, and their constituents they that is where the protests have to be. And, I may add, not simply about tuition fees. The country and its people need to come together with coordinated action, peaceful action that will lead to certain MPs being removed from their seat in parliament. Bring the message home to those who will or will not vote for those same MPs – but there must also be an alternative for people to vote for! That is where the Labour Party comes in.

The final push out, total removal of New Labour from the ranks of the Labour Party must happen, and happen quickly. The vile proposals that New Labour brought about have to be purged. Now is the perfect time. The media will be on hand to scan the protests, if they should go about, a mere lopping of the few remaining aspects of New Labour will make very little or no news. Labour can then help in the coordination of the protests, even if it means bussing in those who cannot afford to get to them. The unemployed, the sick, the disabled and disadvantaged should have a voice, too. What would be better than mothers and fathers marching along side their children telling this vile government that it has to change or it will lose power? Brothers and sisters, hand in hand walking side-by-side those who have, at present, no voice at all.

Let those who can speak up that this 30 year experiment has to end, it has not, nor will it ever, work. We have seen how millionaires simply put the tax breaks they get, and demand, away for a rainy day when they they can utilise – even in recession – to demand even more. These are not the Middle-Class I despise so much. Even they, those who want cheap labour to keep them in abject splendour who believe it is their rite, on the back of the poor and working poor, to rise to the echelons of the lower parts of the aristocracy for they will never achieve the higher. Even they will be disastrously affected by what this government will do. They, too, must protest.

Nick Clegg, and his LibDem’s offered so much – he showed that there is a significant sector of the people who do want a country that is left-of-centre because those voters, like me, voted for them because of what they offered. The Labour Party can ask those voters to vote for them. But they have to offer what they want and make sure they deliver.

It will take coordination over a time, a time-span that will last, if we are to believe Cameron and his ilk, years. But that is to the betterment to a left-of-centre government in waiting. It means they have time to get that message across – and to get people motivated to elect them – to deliver for the people, something that has not happened for so many-a-decade.

The counter-attacks will be loud, and they will be backed by the right-wing press, nothing is more sure than that. But if the correct message is within the sound-bites that so much news now has to resonate with – so be it. That can change at a later date. The Labour Party has to move more toward its roots than ever before. The left have to explain why this is both better for the country and the people. To try to convert and explain to the aspirational Middle-Class that stomping on the heads of those who give you your wealth is not the way forward (the hardest part). There is now exponential proof that there is no such thing, or ever was, as compassionate Conservatism. Or ever will be.

The game must be played over time, and with each election victory the left have to dig deeper to keep the message going. To be ready to bring about more election victories until they can show that a general election victory is within the grasp of the people so that the country can, once again, be governed for the people and not a few corporate special interests.

The fight for the next election begins now, and this policy of decapitating the LibDem’s for their abject betrayal begins today, must be carried forward to tomorrow and the months and years to come.

[Protest peacefully – there is nothing more certain than the right-wing press showing a few caving into violent urges]


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