The Tea-Party and capitalism

Ever really thought about how much Tea-baggers like capitalism? Interesting if you should do, because, from what they say – they reject it. If this is the case – what do they embrace? Libertarianism? Socialism? Communism? To be honest I really don’t know. I do know that they are nuts personified – but then, that isn’t what makes them what they are. Hypocrites? Ill-informed? Naive?

We can take it as read that they don’t like ‘Big Government’. But what do they offer in return? They say ‘small government’. But what does that mean? Odd that they want to take away things such a social security – and privatise it. If they do, that will mean that people will have to invest some of their earnings in some insurance company to glean an income if a person should lose their job. This is capitalism? Or is it just a matter that Tea-Baggers want in on the money that comes from being a part of government? Something that is state-capitalism, or, in other words, state hand-outs to business. Because, if you ever take the time to see reality, business – especially large businesses – are wrapped up in what government can give.

If you are a “true” Libertarian then you do all your own negotiating with, well, just about anyone. It means you can buy organic food if you want to, or not as the case may be. But then you have to look at who will run businesses, the entrepreneur? Who will produce the factory food we have today? Who will state that this food has to be fit for human consumption? It won’t be a government department because they will have disappeared. If a Libertarian child dies because there is too much lead in paint – then the Libertarian father/mother didn’t negotiate correctly when buying a contaminated product.

Who is going to license oil companies? They will, of course, be allowed to drill where they like – so long as it doesn’t cause harm. Anyone will be able to do just about anything – so long as it doesn’t cause harm.

Are, then, Tea-baggers Libertarian? It seems, on the face of it they are. They believe in freedom. But would they say that smoking weed is OK? Libertarian theory? Freedom?

Would Tea-baggers seek to say that the choice of women who are raped is perfectly OK to have an abortion, so long as she could pay for it, or would they say that this is wrong? Seems they seek to prove it is wrong – but isn’t that big government, making sure that every single pregnancy is observed, noted, reported, registered, monitored? Real big government that monitors every aspect of private individuals lives? Isn’t it, at least, to some, a massive departing from the mantra of small government? How can you justify the two? How is it that Tea-Partiers want big business to run small government but want total control of certain members of society’s lives? That, surely, is part of totalitarianism, which the Tea-Party is totally against.

How can Tea-Party members [of government] dictate that ultra-religious views are taught in all schools, but not science? Isn’t it the fact that the Tea-Party is simply a fascist organisation funded by wealthy individuals who want their corporate socialism? Tea-Partiers, after all, detest socialism for the individual but support it for the corporation. They believe that businesses must be protected from falling foul of government legislation or regulation because that is against freedom. Yet they want all people, or some, or none, to pay into corporate coffers to make sure you have an income once you retire – or not.

Tea-Partiers, then, believe in socialism – state socialism (Think Stalin).

Those who attend the rallies of Beck, Palin – or watch them on Fox News (the irony is there if you look for it) you have been duped, not by a conspiracy of big government, but a conspiracy of capitalism – a capitalist system that almost solely depends on Big Government – duped so much that it is they who have advocated the undying support of a few, so much so that you are willing to give away the very freedom you crave from Big Government.

I ask you, as a Tea-Partier, to make yourself a limited liability company. You have to jump through hoops to do so, but it will be worth it. Become one and default on your debts – if you do you have the freedom never to lose your home, nor assets, you can renegotiate your debts for the benefit of you – rather than the banks or financial institutions. You will have a tax system set up for your benefit – not those who you are employing – even your wife/husband/partner, your children – that is how much capitalism benefits others.

But good luck with that – it won’t happen, even if those who call them tea-partiers get into office.

We also have to state whom are those who are funding this ‘grass-roots’ movement? So grass-roots in fact, you would believe that they were just the folks next door. Other than Fox News, of course …

Koch Industries to see what they are worth.” Below some information … and do remember, the Koch brothers are Libertarian.

Types of Business:

* Petroleum Refining
* Chemicals
* Textiles
* Pipelines
* Fertilizer Production
* Chemical Equipment
* Asphalt & Paving Supplies
* Beef Production


* Flint Hills Resources
* Koch Mineral Services
* Matador Cattle Company
* Koch Pipeline Company
* Koch Chemical Technologies Group, LLC
* Koch Nitrogen Company, LLC
* Georgia-Pacific Corp

Financial: Note: Sales and profits are in thousands of dollars – add 000.

2009 Sales: $100,000,000

2008 Sales: $100,000,000

2007 Sales: $98,000,000

2006 Sales: $90,000,000

2005 Sales: $80,000,000

2009 Profits: Unavailable

Employees: 80,000

Growth Plans/Special Features:

Koch Industries, Inc. is a diversified group of companies with operations in markets as diverse as refining and chemicals; process and pollution control equipment and technologies; minerals and fertilizers; polymers and fibers; commodity and financial trading and services; and forest and consumer products. It also conducts operations in venture capital investments, municipal finance, capital market investments and business development. Subsidiary Flint Hills Resources operates petroleum refineries in Alaska, Minnesota and Texas, with a combined crude oil processing capacity of more than 800,000 barrels per day. These plants produce aromatics, olefins, polymers and intermediate chemicals. The subsidiary obtains its supply from purchasing offices in Houston, Denver, and Calgary, Canada. Subsidiary Koch Mineral Services supplies coal and petroleum coke as well as cement, pulp and paper, sulfur and related products internationally. Koch Nitrogen Company and its affiliates own or have interests in nitrogen fertilizer plants capable of manufacturing more than 9 million metric tons of nitrogen products annually. Koch’s ranching subsidiary, Matador Cattle Company, operates three ranches in Kansas, Montana, and Texas. Subsidiary Koch Pipeline Company, LP and its affiliates operate a 4,000-mile network of pipelines. Subsidiary Koch Chemical Technology Group and its affiliates design, manufacture, sell, install and service process and pollution control equipment. Subsidiary INVISTA is a global producer and marketer of polymers and fibers, primarily for nylon, spandex and polyester applications. Subsidiary Georgia-Pacific manufactures and markets tissue, packaging, paper, building products, related chemicals and fluff, filter and market pulp under such brand names as Quilted Northern, Angel Soft, Brawny and Dixie. Employees are offered medical and dental insurance; a 401(k) plan; a pension plan; flexible spending accounts; life insurance; business travel accident insurance; disability coverage; and educational assistance.

Really grass-roots, eh?


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