Play by the democratic rules and get elected.

“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” – Winston Churchill

I start with that quote because it is one of Winston Churchill’s greater ones. It is a quote that, even today, people will not heed – I for the love in me I cannot understand why.

In the United Kingdom another Thatcherite government has come to power and is doing exactly what Thatcherites do. Though, it is true that the last government was Thatcher-lite.

But that is simply the continuation of the class war that has been going on for decades in the UK. Many say that you should not say such things because if you mention class war you are onto a political downhill. Odd, then, that those who tell us this are the very same people who propagate that war, though they are sat upon perches high shitting on those of us below.

Yet this post is not about Thatcherism, nor Thatcher, it is about Godwin’s law. Mention Hitler and you lose. Odd, once again, that this is always the case. It is a matter that many will turn away from the mention of that name – and those that do are usually the people who see history as a granite stone; etched in such a way that cannot be seen other than what has happened and will not again. If we take any interest in history we see that, firstly, history is always written by the victor. After a substantial amount of time has passed those who lost, whether correct or wrong, begin to offer a new perspective. Something different, something new – though it isn’t.

I detest politicians. But I do not do this lightly – it is they who have premier access to what history will, and does, tell us – yet they seem never to learn. Second to that politicians are, today, second-hand car salespersons. They spin and waffle to get a voter to X the ballot, and they win – they win – not the voter. They then have access, not just to history, but to the wealthy and powerful and deem their interests higher than those ordinary citizens who faithfully voted for them because they seemed so “real”.

Democracy is about what the people want and to be represented by those elected to office, to have their views put forward for the betterment of the whole, or in the Tory sense, the few. This does not happen today – and hasn’t for a minimum of 30 years in both the UK and the USA. So why does Godwin’s Law raise its head now?

You simply have to look at the rise to power of Hitler – though a laughable individual he rose to such power because he knew how to play the game – the political game after failing to play his violent theme on the hoof. This is something the far-right in the USA have done. The tea-party is not what it seems. It is a group who call themselves ‘grass-roots’ because it plays into the narrative that people want someone to represent them and, as politicians are not, someone will. Who will? As yet the tea-party doesn’t have an absolute leader, certainly not one who could even lick the boots of Hitler. The storm-troopers are there, and armed, though not organised.

He now realized it had been premature to attempt to overthrow the democratic government by force without the support of the German Army and other established institutions. He was determined not to make that mistake again. Now, no matter how much his Nazi Party members wanted action taken against the young German democratic republic, it simply would not happen. He would not give in to them as he had done in November 1923, with disastrous, even laughable results.

Hitler had a new idea on how to topple the government and take over Germany for himself and the Nazis – play by the democratic rules and get elected.

“Instead of working to achieve power by an armed coup we shall have to hold our noses and enter the Reichstag against the Catholic and Marxist deputies. If outvoting them takes longer than outshooting them, at least the results will be guaranteed by their own Constitution! Any lawful process is slow. But sooner or later we shall have a majority – and after that Germany,” Hitler stated while in prison.

If the US citizen does not realise, through a simple process of reading and understanding what history is telling them, they are doomed to allow history to repeat itself.

The ragging of any Muslim is the new Jew baiting. And it is getting louder because it is working. It worked in the 1920s. Be an American only if you are an American. Rid us of Latino’s (Slovaks, Russians) hate those who are of the left, show them to be some sort of evil. Show them (Marxists, Socialists) not to be like us, they are un-American. Bring us [The Tea-Party] to power and we will make America strong again and we will expunge all things that are not of the US Constitution – though reading that; the tea-party is quite the opposite of what is in that document. Hitler did not believe in freedom of choice, nor did he believe in the freedom of speech. When those are taken away – the tea-party will tell you that it is for your own good – and you will agree with them. The propaganda is within the media and it, too, is loud – it is brash, and it is obvious.

Will Americans make the same mistake as Germany did oh so many years ago? We can only hope not – for it is not up to us. Do remember – the Nazi’s started as a small, somewhat insignificant entity. They did not have the internet nor a full blown “News” outlet for their vile propaganda – the tea-party does. They are winning nominations to run for office: Play by the democratic rules and get elected.


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