Judge Dredd populists

I have to wonder sometimes – no really, really wonder if Cameron and his government are, in fact, a troupe of comedians who are simply taking the piss ready to say in the near future “Well, that was a larf wasn’t it?”

The mind boggles at some of the things they have done – but it’s some of the idiocy that they propose that has to get people asking the same question as to the sanity of all of them.

Take the new policing proposals.

Now, I am all for helping the local plod out when he/she needs it, though being an accomplice to killing innocent people is taking that a bit too far. Yet:

Theresa May, says that she wants to explore new ideas including creating a reserve army of volunteers prepared to act as community crime fighters

Community Crime fighters!? What, the proverbial fuck!?

Having the local busy-bodies, for that is what will happen, on patrol with the local copper (will they be on the beat or in the panda?) as a reserve voluntary force, an army as May says – all they need is a new kind of uniform and we have the local militia running amok claiming they are doing the police’s work for them – why do we need a police force at all? A DIY – some would refer to it as vigilantly – force of people thinking they can do what the police do with the training that is needed.

Asking the local caped crusader to walk in lock-step with PC McGrinning while chasing down the local chav, making a citizens arrest hoofing the knife the chav has high in the air and getting a “What-Ho” from the overweight PC. The plan is ridiculous! OK, I know that most, if not all of us have a problem with the current power the police have – and yes, that needs to be reformed. But Dave’s BS (Big Society but Bullshit does work, too) is going a tad too far don’t you think? Then, we have, of course, the idea that local commissars are going to tell a Chief Constable how much he can spend, what the priorities are. This, all in the name of getting the public more involved in police work/action.

As I have said, yes – the police do have too much power, but so does a lot of local and national bodies – reform is needed. But not one where a roaming gang can call themselves a legitimate army of volunteers who are simply helping the police. It is not going to work, yet I have said before on this blog that the BS society is just chaos waiting to happen. Worse than that though is that the British public are eating this up without thought.

Beware a Tory bringing social justice for that will fall short and will, very quickly, mean that the country is in a place where other will be writing poetry about how ‘I didn’t help because no one came for me’.

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