David Cameron: Time to send my kids to private school

With the ridiculous announcements about severing billions in funding to schools, Cameron comes out with the classic:

[H]e is “terrified” by the prospect of trying to find a good state secondary school for his children.

Odd then that he feels his education minister should cut more than 700 school building projects. Obviously as Cameron is a multi-millionaire he will be sending his children to private school, certainly he won’t have to worry about breaking the bank – unlike “In some parts of the country, there isn’t a choice of good schools – that’s why people break the bank to send their children private”

Is he saying that poverty parents should starve to send their children to school? Is he saying that the private education system is better than the public one? If so, why is he dictating to his education minister that he cut so deep? Is it, that in such a wealthy nation as the UK, the education of the children should come so far down the investment list?

Cameron is utilising education, amongst other policies, to propagate the class division – something he and so many of his ministers want.

In this honeymoon, only extended by the official oppositions lack of strategy, Cameron and his minions can put through these devastating policies. Devastating that before you know it the population will be bewildered as to not know what is going on.

A man of the people Cameron is not, a man of the true elite he is, the next target is the NHS?

Beware a spiv in a blue collar.

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