Tribalism of selfishness, Conservatism

Conservatives, especially the UK kind are selfish. That is their tribe, full stop. You see the working-class Tory vote slavishly in the belief that what the Tories want, and will give – even after generations of evidence – something of the crumbs that is fervently given to the Tory masters, those who are what we know as big business and the wealthy. Some changed side and gave to New Labour, but most have moved, once again, back to the Tories – their natural home.

Dave Osler over at LC wrote:

For the kind of Conservative who remains convinced that the Tories only failed to win a landslide last month because they were insufficiently rightist to satisfy an electorate that positively craved neo-Thatcherism by the bucketload

He is correct. Even now many of the comments in that piece claim that New Labour bought vote by simply expanding the government jobs – needless to say that they forget that the New Labour vote was falling over the terms that they were in office. I believe that the vote lessened because New Labour tried, and almost succeeded in out right-winging the Tories. I still believe that the UK electorate on the whole is a progressive tolerant nation who do believe in fairness. Though that isn’t shown in the ballot box when you have a working-class Tory. They, seemingly, don’t want to pay higher taxes for better services. Yet they do want those services – for they are some of the first to cry foul when those services go. It can be said for the cost of fuel, the cost of a vehicle tax disc. So, if Dave is incorrect, why was there not a massive swathe of people, both middle-class and working-class dive into the Tory ranks once it was obvious (and it was for such a long time) that the Tories were going to win the next election? I believe it was down to the policies that people saw were about to be enacted by the Tories – though some, still, believe that these policies have been watered down by LibDems being somewhere in the vicinity.

New Labour were going to lose the general election. They were going to lose big if the Tories had not been made to speak out about what they were going to do in power. That didn’t, and still doesn’t matter one iota to conservatives. They were going to vote Tory no matter what – they said so and would have done even if New Labour had dressed themselves in the very skin of Margaret Thatcher. Even now their selfishness reigns supreme. Some Tories I know don’t care. They have said so – they are quite willing to admit it. They are selfish to an extreme. They do not want one penny of their money to go to someone else, ever. It is theirs so they should keep it. Even if this means that their neighbour goes without food, hospital treatment, they do not care. They do, on the other hand want more prisons and they do, unsurprisingly, want those prisons to be full of anyone who breaks any draconian law that would be brought to bear so they could live their lives in solitude in a country of almost 70 million people.

What we need to do is look at what the UK actually want. The Tories have asked, but asked the selected few what they want – and they are acting out that fantasy on behalf them. Tories make policy on the back of a wide-read, for God’s knows why, news rag. New Labour did the same, and it is then no surprise when this fantasy wasn’t, in fact, real. A significant number of voters moved to the Tories because they were saying the correct things, in some ways they still are – under scrutiny it is a different thing – and people will move away from them once the shit hits the fan.

Now is a time for a Labour party to get its act together. With the leadership race as is, I am not too sure they can even do that – there are way too many New Labourites wanting to be leader, and one woman.

Will these crop then say that we want us all to share in both the wealth of the nation as well as paying for all the things needed to be a civilised one? Will they come out and tell the people that they will make those who cause the crash pay for its clean up? Will they be open and tell people that “Look, to have the best health service in the world, we have to pay for it, and if it means the top earners have to pay more”?

Not sure – but what I am sure of is that the current crop of conservatives are more selfish than the last – and the next will be even more so.

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