Who said there isn’t a class war?

Many-a-time I have read that there really isn’t a class war in the now, near future or, in fact, ever will be. Yet I have to look at what Ian Duncan-Smith is now saying “tons of elderly people living in houses that they cannot run” qualifying that with ‘he wanted councils to encourage people in this position to move into smaller properties’. That may not seem like the opening salvoes of a war that will not be fought with conventional weapons, but the nuclear option of evicting an elderly person in a high employment area so a new, younger couple can move in. Will this be an addition to the Lib-Dems policy of wanting that younger working couple to pay local income tax instead of council tax? With the coalition going where they are going you never know.

This is tagged along with George Osborne’s decree that he is now going to ‘tackle those in incapacity benefit’. I know how that felt when New Labour were in charge, it wasn’t easy. What I can relate to is both incapacity benefit and DLA, I was on both! I know how hard it was and how it wasn’t the rosy picture that is being painted by this current government. I did eventually get a job, but I got it with the help of a lot of people and support from the State. Why should anyone else have less? All I can figure is that this is a way of keeping peoples minds off what is really happening with the economy and the banks still keeping their subsidies from the government – which we now know will be increased with the corporation tax reduction. Why is it that the little matter of tax avoidance isn’t being dealt with? Is Ashcroft a UK tax payer now? Why is it that Murdoch can run, own a media empire in the UK while being a US citizen – he became one so he could run his media empire there because you have to be a citizen to do so – why is it that any UK government haven’t follow suit with both Canada and the US saying that that should be the case? They haven’t because they want to nurture the power he has to spread their propaganda free of charge – almost.

Why, then, do I class this as the beginning of a class war, one coincidently, started by the Tories? To me it is as obvious as the proverbial nose on your face. A VAT hike, an attack on out of work support payments, those payments that will be needed just for people to survive let alone live a decent life – try it, it isn’t at all fun. The Tories, and LibDems by default, are utilising the honeymoon period to get in and do what they can as soon as they can because, again, to me, obviously, they know that this period will be well and truly over once the cuts start taking effect. You also have to look at whom is calling for the ringfence to be brought down from around the NHS: Lord Lawson.

Evicting the old, taking away free school meals, ‘encouraging’ people to up-sticks and move, reducing school budgets, reducing support payments to those out of work, increasing VAT, taking away future jobs, allowing work-fare programs to be run by for profit companies, all the while protecting the wealthiest in the UK. If that isn’t class war, what is?

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