Extraordinary insouciance?

Well yes – but Polly, like so many are trying to get the boot in way, way too quickly!

What she is saying, I think and in short, is that the budget is going to hurt – really hurt – and it will. But what she is forgetting is that people were hurt just as bad under a New Labour era. People are not going to forget so quickly, it just is not going to happen. I have spoken to family and friends and they are of all political hues, even they wince remembering the last recession – which, if we are honest, hasn’t quite ended yet for so many people.

The Tories, as Polly and others should know are not, never have been nor ever will be, for the good old working man or woman. They are for the middle-class and business. Even those who believe themselves to be middle-class think that Tory policy is all for them. “Getting us all out of this deficit is what really matters”. At the moment that is the mindset and it isn’t going to go away any time soon. If that is the indoctrination then that is what will bounce around in peoples heads until things hit the fan and boom!

That is the time to try and get the message across. Be as frustrated as you so wish – but jumping the gun isn’t going to work because people are way to focussed on the shit that is the UK economy. It matter nothing that is was, in the majority, banks who brought about the economic fall – but that can be traced back to those who were in government at the time who allowed the banks free reign. Let the budget do its work, let the bankers get the indefensible bonuses – it will come out that this is what is happening, Then is the time to remind people that this should be addressed as a matter of priority – that to allow banks to regulate themselves really isn’t a good thing at all.

Let the LibDem activists get to grips with what is happening within their party by signing over with the devil. They will, eventually. But it takes time, as I have said before – let that time pass. There is, after all, plenty of it while waiting for a credible opposition. What Polly and those commentators must remember is that the opposition will still be New Labour. Without any real change within the Labour Party by kicking out, and I mean that literally, those who usurped the Labour Party to get into power – call it a cull of the right if you will, much as they did to Militant – people will only see the last vestages of Blair and Brown and worse, Mandleson.

That is the cuts that need to happen – what is going to happen, no matter how noble you want to be in protecting the poor and underprivileged – until the spectre of New Labour is gone, nothing Polly or other write will mean anything. New Labour is the stain that needs to be washed. Once, then, that has happened – even if D’Mil becomes leader – and comes to his senses – you will see that some trust will eke toward a new invigorated Labour party. Not a new New Labour, one that can call itself Labour with pride. The cuts will be argued over and there will be U-turns on them because they are far too great. But that will, like most other things political, take time. Prepare to take the proverbial piss out of the U-turns – that is what I am waiting for. But to fight a battle of minds while those minds are against you is a losing battle from the off.

An opposition is needed right now – what we have is a beauty pageant.

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