George Osborne’s strategy – crosses fingers

While I have been wading through a ton of papers today – one thing that come across well and truly to the fore, Osborne is hoping upon hope that this budget works. I cringed, and I mean sphincter cringed when I read that he had raised VAT to 20%. First thought: The man must be mad! Then I read more and it seems the mad hatter had taken over the tea party.

Not only has he hit the poor with the VAT hike, they will start thinking about not spending, something the economy needs, he has hit them with less and less safety net cash. Add to this he is attacking the disabled, something the Tories, and their brethren New Labour love to do. But what convinces me more is that Simon Jenkins – over at the Guardian of all places sings the praises that it is the return of Thatcherism! Yeah, great – but you have to red even his title: “If Osborne’s gamble pays off, it is Thatcherism’s finest hour” If, what kind of idiocy is that? He must have been wetting his pants as he wrote that piece.

What we see from this budget is, and this brought a “WTF!” to my gritted teeth – that this budget is going to hit everyone – everyone, not just the poor, the middle income earners and the rich. Though, it has to be said, it will hit the poorest in real terms the most. But it is a ‘we are all in this together’ budget. So, Osborne has decided to take the demand out of the economy from everyone.

Osborne claims that this budget will be one for jobs – yet as there are so many chasing each and every job, where are all these new jobs going to come from – we have yet to see what the actual figures are going to be in respect of the slashing to public services. Today was, after all, just the beginning.

Wet your pants Thatcherites will be singing with glee that her evilness has returned to the UK economy, wait for the return of The Boys from the Black Stuff. But this time there is no oil to sell off, no Post Office telecommunications, Gas, Electricity. There is the dole queue for millions, though. That is, again, after all, what Thatcherism stands for. It is a gamble, but a gamble not with a few quid and a hope that you can win big – it is a gamble with people lives and one that, if it doesn’t pay off – will be remembered by so many come the next election. Because I cannot see the ConDems picking a war to help them to victory.

Let’s hope in the mean time that there is a rise of the real left in both the country and the Labour party, because it will be up to them to put things right. And put them right from 13 years of New Labour and the Tory governments that preceded them.

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