The Four Yorkshiremen

It is hilarious!

But, it seems, this new generation entering the world of the new Tories in the UK will be the first to actually take that hilarity and make it part of the real world.

Thatcher took the milk away from kids – one of the many things that we must never forget. But, if the leaked memo is true – Michael Gove is going to take away their meals as well. How is that fixing “Broken Britain”? Many on the Guardian piece I have linked to, even a month in, are saying that New Labour were bad, but certainly not as bad as this lot – yet, why do I see a positive about that? A while ago I blogged as to why it would be a good thing that the Tories be returned to power – basically because the UK needed to see what the Tories were really about. Everyone needs to see them in action – until they change for real that is. And that won’t be for a very, very long time if at all.

Next Tuesday the UK will see Osborne’s ’emergency’ budget. All that is going to do is cut public services – yet the last recession wasn’t about public services – it was the banks who screwed the economies of the world. Not only has the UK public bailed out the banks, they are now going to pay more for doing so. All that at the behest of the Tories. The recession was good for their election prospects and it is certainly good for their City friends.

When oh when is the British public going to get it through their heads that the Tories do not care one jot about the vast majority of the country? They care only for those close to them and what they can do to help those who both fund them and pat them on the back!

We will see Murdoch’s Fox News become a mainstay in the UK – because the Tories will help him to do so. As has been said, the rich are in a class war and they are winning. But how much pain must the UK population to take before they have a hive mind that states, quite simply, the Tories will hurt them if they are in power? How long before the LibDems say enough is enough and abandon this so-called coalition? The latter I don’t know – I advocated people voting LibDem because of one simply thing, New Labour’s attack on privacy and personal liberty. I knew that if the Tories were to come to power this would happen, I was hoping upon human hope, that the LibDems could have many more seats than they do. That they could do more to rail in the banks and make a positive change – that didn’t happen, now we have, by default, a Tory government.

So, I ask again, and stipulate, how much pain must the UK take before getting rid of the Tories once and for all? It maybe that they have to live through a re-run of the 80s to make everything sink in – for the youth and young to realise that what mum and dad said about the 80s was, in fact, true.

The Four Yorkshiremen can be seen here

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