A question of drink-driving

I will admit, right from the get-go I am a person who is against allowing any drink-driving. But there is, as always, the other side. Making a law that is – in practice worth the time – worth it for all involved there is the “t’other side a coin”.

If you were to bring about a zero limit then you would move into the area of ‘I cannot believe it!’ territory. Banning someone, and effecting both their life, work, and to add to that the increase in insurance – for washing their mouth with a branded mouthwash, well, that is plain stupid. You either have to ban that, and all, mouth washes from adding alcohol at all – and then, obviously chocolates. But there is a limit already on such things – unless you want to make yourself so sick with drinking the stuff or eating so many liqueurs, well – does that person really need a driving license? I would think that they were probably some Eton toff, but not all are that moronic.

What is the limit then? In my eyes the 20mg seems about right. But, as always it isn’t just about asking people to stop drinking and then driving. We have to look at education – and, to be honest, in the UK it is pretty damn good. Let’s give credit where credit is due – but there is always the down side. If you are to ask people not to drink and drive, you are also asking them to pay for other transport home – this, to me, is part of the education of the metropolitan councils, local councils that needs to be addressed.

If you go out on a Saturday night, get pissed, you want 2 things – a good curry and a taxi home. So why is it that taxis (private hire) can raise their prices so much as to actually want to stop people taking a taxi? Some women I know have walked miles to get home because of the prospect at paying such a high fare – that has to be wrong, no? There will be the argument that people should save that extra few quid to get home – but it is a matter of beer in, wits out. We won’t see much of the late-night buses back on the roads any time soon. Which would be cheapish, yet rather rowdy.

If this, or any other government wants to kick out drink driving it, like so many other things is a matter of give and take. Sure bring the limit down, educate and make it cheaper to get home.

Is that sensible or or not?

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