BP Disaster

As a world population looks on and we see the biggest ecological disaster rumbling on in the US many a-discussion I have had with a number of people. That discussion revolves around why do we still drill for oil – and why do oil companies not transfer over to renewables?

The obvious, and easiest answer is profit. Now I know that people will think that this shouldn’t come into the equation. After all, don’t we all want cheap energy? We all want to run our dryers, washing machines, fridges, lights ad infinitum. So, obviously, we need oil – there isn’t anything cheaper – even with the growing price of the black stuff. You can add to that how much more oil, coal, Etc would be freed up for other things. Yet, we want to get rid of the use of oil and coal, and as the graphic shows … the surface area needed to power the world. If we should be clever enough – and have governments with a bit of prowess – we move away from oil and petroleum to power our vehicles to something electric, the car companies won’t go out of business. It would only be the oil and coal companies who would, and we still get the standard of living we have now – just a lot cleaner, and cheaper to boot!

Just think about that for a second, cleaner and cheaper.

But, if you look at this graphic you will see that the reason the propaganda, of which many an American is suffering from at this moment in time, oil is still king. But it isn’t! What is, is that oil brings a few people a lot of cash! That is the reason why the energy companies won’t change over to, say, solar power. If, and this I can guarantee, the energy companies could make a whacking great profit out of renewable energy they would be moving far quicker than they are now – or in the future.

This is where we, the insignificant ones, should be telling our governments to do the simple – and obvious thing – build the frigging solar-fields themselves! Could you imagine the jobs? Job, I may add, that wouldn’t be so easily out-sourced.

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5 Responses to BP Disaster

  1. Bob howes says:

    You graphic might not be 100% accurate since the best places in the world for solar energy tend to be a long way from the areas that need the most electricity. Losses in long distance transmission can be quite high (if you recall a bit of Ohm’s Law from high school physics).

    However, that is not to say that the transition to renewable sources shouldn’t start. Every journey starts with a single step–and I’m sure the same applies to a reduction in petroleum dependency. Just because we can’t totally replace oil in a single stroke is no excuse not to do what we can. Unless the world makes a start in this direction, the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico will only be the start. As oil gets harder to extract, spills will become more common.

    One other thought–everyone talks about the “BP spill” but why isn’t anyone talking about the involvement of Halliburton, much beloved (and discredited) company with strong links to the Bush administration. It was Halliburton who were supposed to make the well head safe in case of just this sort of emergency!

    “Drill baby drill” indeed!

  2. The graphic is a bit illusionary, Bob – but its main job is to show the actual surface area that would need to be used to replace the energy needs we have. Where you actually put those solar panels is up to you.

    Even at 0 deg C the ambient air is 85% heat. As we see, too many people have bought into ‘there really is only oil’ propaganda. And all it needs is a bit of government cash – and not a lot either!

  3. Pi says:

    Oil isn’t king; money is. More’s the pity.

  4. MusEditions says:

    “This too shall pass”. Sometimes, a crisis ultimately causes a paradigm shift to a greater way. The effects of this might just be one of those things.

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