Jobs and making things

Following on from my last post and taking into account that Germany and the US are doing what should have been done – as well as what they should be doing right now – creating jobs.

What we are now seeing is that the ConDem government are about to go on a slashing spree. They still believe, though I do still feel that the LibDems won’t go all the way, that cutting money from the economy will make everything all right.

I said in my last post that through a peoples bank, who cares if it is Northern Rock, money should be made available to new businesses. We will hear as we have done in the past about the great pattering of feet heading west if the government starts to tax the rich. OK, if that is the case then the UK government are, in fact, scared to death – no matter who they should be, Liberal or Conservative. Scared to death of the rich taking their quids – though if the government had a pair they would make that as hard as possible, one of the easier things they can do. But what about those left behind to wallow in despair as those with off-shore bank accounts all go to live in Switzerland?

If the UK government think that it is only those who have are the ones who can run businesses – they are more stupid that any of us think. How many do we know who are perfectly capable of setting up a business but have the lack of cash to do so – and we know that they will be successful as well? Well, if this is the case why doesn’t the government hand over some really low cost loans so they can get set up? Imagine how long it would be before they were up and running and employing people. What is obvious is that Ian Dunc wants those who are without jobs to get them, what he wants to do is ‘help’ them into employment – only real downside to that is those who do employ are not employing – and the ones that are want those who don’t have the relevant skills – 2 birds with 1 stone, then!

Train people to have those skills and start leaning money – that the ‘big’ banks won’t to those who show entrepreneurial aspirations. you can, of course, help them too. Train them to be good and long term employers. Frig those who have bailed out of the UK and if they should wish to come back tax them to death until they pay back what they have taken in receipts. Show some balls!

That won’t happen – what will is that the poor will be penalised to offset the grumpy rich and Cleggeron will go along with that because paying 60 quid a week is so much more than closing the loopholes where the super-rich pay a pittance – where is the “We’re all in this together” now, Dave?

David Miliband could advocate this, too – but, as I said he isn’t interested in such a thing. He is interested in getting New Labour back into power.

Social ills are caused, for the most part, because people are disenfranchised and can’t see a way forward. Just imagine an influx of jobs, businesses and work? People being able to pay their own way – even after taxes! Unemployment coming down and a people at ease, so much so that the immigration question is somewhat of a joke. What if all that was done because a government took control of the problem and told big business to piss off and that they were going to do this with or without them. Just imagine such a thing where, not only you get trained business people from a population that once spanned the world because of their innovation, government spending was a matter of lending and making a profit for the people. Where it was, truly, a matter that small/medium sized business were the ones providing most of the jobs and the economy wasn’t reliant on simply money being used to create just more government jobs.

It would cost a bit to start, but that money would be paid back. Some businesses would go under but others would flourish.

All it needs is someone with a little vision – but do we have those kinds of leaders to do it? Do we have leaders who will tell the barons and moguls that it is no longer them who are pulling the strings?

Somehow I doubt it. Britain has become way too conservative to do anything so bold.

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