David Miliband goes webbly

The movement for change has a new name, David Miliband – or so his website writers would have us believe.

You can check his site out here. I did, and I went to the tell me your ideas page, which I did state that he should back a left-winger, John McDonnell for the leadership – it was held in moderation, though. New Labour does that a lot – and D’Mil is new Labour. The capitalised ‘N’ in new is gone, because he no longer feels New Labour, but he is sticking with their policies – even though they cost them the election.

I am not saying that D’Mil is a nasty person – he isn’t, he’s nice. But he is New Labour. That is a Skunk he cannot rid himself of – not unless he comes out and says that he was, rightly, wrong about so much in government and how he voted for so many illiberal things while a part of and in the government himself.

David, nor his brother, are the right people to take a Labour party back to where it should be. Even though I advocated that people vote for the LibDems in the last election I did so because they had policies that could, and should, have been policies which a Labour leader would embrace – those policies should have, in fact, been policies that the Labour leader looked upon as being right of the Labour Party – yet they were not.

In 2001, I was immensely proud to be elected the MP for South Shields – a place I love. This constituency is home to the warmest people and the nicest fish and chips, and has political traditions built on mines, docks and shipbuilding.

It isn’t just David who has forgotten that, though they have nice fish and chips, the working men and women of the UK backed Labour to the hilt – it was David and a lot of other who forgot them. Mines, docks, shipbuilding – OK, we can say that these industries cannot come back as they were – but it is not just the industry as is – it is manufacturing jobs. What David and his ilk forgot is that it isn’t the clamour of wealth that the city provides – people want to work, they do,and they want to go to work and be proud that they do – that they can pass their passion onto their son and daughters. If David did go to the people of South Shields and talk of those days of docks, ship building and mines he would see how proud those men and women were.

No, they did not like the working conditions – or the poor pay, that is why they joined unions to fight for them to get better conditions and pay – because they were worth it!

David could say that he will force a ‘peoples bank’ to invest in manufacturing – to bring about a resurgence in industry in areas like South Shields and the North. It doesn’t have to be about ship building – but it can be about a newer, green economy where engineering and the capability to build, and export, goods.

There are many things that he could do – but will not because David Miliband is New Labour – and that shit sticks.

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