Zac Goldsmith doesn’t need that 3 quid a week

Though he is a multi-millionaire, good old Zac isn’t playing Dave Cameron’s marriage game. He committed adultery in 1999 and just after becoming a new Tory MP he got out of his marriage which could, according to the very Tory, Daily Express:

NEW Tory MP Zac Goldsmith faces a multimillion pound divorce ­settlement after splitting from his wife Sheherazade.

The winner of London’s Richmond Park seat was granted a quickie divorce yesterday after admitting cheating on the former actress.

Where is his 3 quid a week to stay married, Dave? With the Big Society and all that surely he should have stayed in his broken down marriage for the sake of – well what?

Obviously he doesn’t need the cash, I mean that 3 quid a week to him is what he tips the doorman, if he tips at all, yet – we do have to look at the whole hypocrisy of Dave’s great ideal against what is, in fact, reality – and how much Dave’s, still, dodgy, policies will mean for the British public. Great then that we know – as has been suspected from day one of the Tory election campaign, it is a matter that the Conservatives will bring in policy that is all about everyone else following, hurting, being decimated – as long as it does not affect the chosen few – including Cameron, Goldsmith, and Murdoch junior.

You, those 30+% that voted for Cameron are either dumb, docile or plain stupid – even under the current FPTP system – you though that a vote for the Tories was a vote against Brown, and you, as always gambled wrong. Voting Conservative is a vote for those who don’t care what we vote – it is a matter that they play by their rules and everyone else, including you, have to play by the rules they set. And I have no sympathy not empathy if that happens to you – because you voted for that.

Zac doesn’t, and never has, need any support other than his old school tie. He’s been unfaithful, if the Express is correct, since 1999:

Multimillionaire Mr Goldsmith was said in court papers to have been “intolerable” to live with as the 10-year marriage crumbled.

He chose not to fight her petition at London’s High Court and the hearing was over in just 30 seconds.

Court documents did not name another woman in connection with the 35-year-old scion of the ­Goldsmith business empire.

Last night legal sources said Mr Goldsmith faces handing over a substantial portion of his ­£300million fortune

That is Cameron’s Britain. If you have the money not to care then you are fine. The move away from Thatcherism is correct, but it is because of Thatcher and her vile ilk that those who have such vast fortunes do not need to care – and those who vote for a defunct system will do so because they are either too blind or too stupid to think on a broader basis.

That is what you voted for and I do, do pity you.

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