Does the UK need electoral reform?

Indeed a good question – and one that many people are asking. Now that Cameron is wooing Nick Clegg like a teenager on heat ready for his first shag – will Cameron do the deal on electoral reform that Clegg wants?

Personally I don’t think that he will – the current system is skewed so that the Tories [Te Party of the rich] will get elected time and time again. That is how he wants it even though the majority of people voted against the conservatives. 36.1% is not, in anyone’s dreams, a majority of the electorate.

What worries me more are these figures:

Party / Votes per Seat
Conservative /34,989.04
Labour /33,350.22
Liberal Democrat /119,788.39

To elect, then, one LibDem MP you need to get almost triple the amount of people to vote for you. How can that, in itself, be right in a modern world?

Of course it may lead to more coalitions in the future – but I personally believe that this is what the electorate have voted FOR even under the current FPTP system.

If the outcome of this election is Brown being returned with the support of the LibDems – I don’t think we can blame Nick Clegg one bit, especially if he gets New Labour to enact electoral reform whereby the public can elect whom they choose with the correct result in number of votes cast.

This change is needed now and NOT through a referendum – it should be put in place before the next election no matter how soon that will come.

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