Today’s the day the Teddy bears have their picnic

There has been two – one left to go, and today could be the day that either kills or cures – or most likely do nothing – the way the UK elects its PM.

The PM part was wrong, and that is from an email I received about how the person who wrote it had no idea how the English (British) elected their leaders. They went on to say nice things about how ‘cute’ it was that the English (British) only had a month to find out about the policies of the PM. And in the latter part I have to disagree – especially for Dave. For tonight we may actually get to see, or at least hear, what Tory policy is going to be – other than some harping on about ‘Big Society’, austerity cuts, how the North East gets too much money along with Northern Ireland (but you can bet that is going to change if there really is a hung parliament and Dave has to rely on the NI parliamentarians), add to this Wales the North West(ish) and the Midlands.

So what is Dave and George going to cut? Will that be on show tonight? Personally I can’t see it – Dave will go on about Rochdale as much as he can to deflect any questions about how his workers-united-civil-community-make-the-doleys-work-for-their-pittance-crime-infested-immigrant-led debarcle that is the UK today.

He will throw out how the UK is likened to Greece and that the UK is awash with debt and putting another 3 million on the dole – to work for nothing, mind – is the only way forward for the country. Of course, he will not retract the tax give-away to the rich – that is sacrosanct.

Gordon Brown, the tit that he is, gave the Tory spinners something to talk about, but in his defence (which you don’t read me saying a lot) I thought that the old love had said “fucking” as well – but I am a bit deaf, too, until I read that she had, in fact, said ‘flocking’ so I can give him the benefit of the doubt on that one. I have heard all sorts of things when someone isn’t in the right place and had to ask them to repeat what they had said, I suppose that Gordon could have asked that as well. But that water is now in the ocean.

At least, on the face of it, New Labour will say what they want from the economy so they can look to making some cuts next year when the economy is on a surer footing – though still we have the commitment to idiot spending like Trident.

Will Nick Clegg [Disclaimer: I want to win an outright majority so I am advocating that people elect the LibDems] be more forceful in what he and his government will cut – in Dave’s words “From day one…”? So far he has said the ID scam will go, Trident will be on the table in a full military spending review, so that’s gone … the stupid upon stupid databases that are costing billions will go. That in itself will save far more than the 6 billion that Cameron’s lot will save in the first year.

So, I ask, will it be a picnic for Nick tonight? No, the other two will, because there will be far more watching tonight that any of the other debates, try to pin him down rather than telling the UK electorate what they will do, again, especially the Tories. Before you X for them, think about what policies they don’t have, then change your vote.

The UK does not need a Tory government. It will be utter disaster for the country if they are elected. It will, not only mean a new era of Thatcherism but it will mean the loss of the few jobs there are and it will mean that the bill for benefit payments will go up, certainly not down. With those at the top paying less tax that bill will have to be paid for the middle and working-classes, so that is most of you!

Voting New Labour is a vote to keep the Tories out – that is good enough for those who are inclined to vote that way.

Voting for the Liberal Democrats will mean much, much more. Not only will it mean that the idiotic first past the post system will be gone, it will mean that there will be money to spend, a 10k entry into paying taxes. Below that you will not pay income tax – and those alone are something that the economy and the UK needs to really refresh itself. The electoral system will mean fairer government in the future where MPs will have to think about what they should now, the country and all those who live in it – the 10k tax bracket will mean that people will spend. Removing Trident and all those expensive IT projects will mean that cuts to services will not have to be as hard.

I urge you, urge you with almost a begging passion – vote for the Liberal Democrats, really there isn’t any other logical alternative.

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One Response to Today’s the day the Teddy bears have their picnic

  1. Mo says:

    Nope, I can in no way vote for Clegg more than anything over his immigrant policy – that is so, so wrong for this country it’s utterly stupid. Maybe you should check out Sky News pages and opinions Will, not many for Clegg in there, and believe it or not, Brown did that!! His comments on immigration and bigots have raised the subject so high many now look hard at Cleggs policies – and say no.

    No matter who gets in, Maggie times are going to be looked back on by the antis as the good times – what we have coming is going to be way, way worse – it’s why none of the 3 tonight will tell us the truth – they know what we are in for, and it’s all bad.

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