Daniel Hannan: Why taking the piss works!

You have to give it to Hannan, nice suit, polished teeth, bald head – sense of humour! Yep – I said that, Daniel Hannan has a sense of humour!

How do you tell?


The Westminster system, as favoured in most Anglosphere countries, encourages a clear division between government and opposition. This division helps keep the state small and the citizen free.

Right – so the State has been small under both New Labour AND the last Tory manifestation of a government? And free? OK, as yet the Stasi isn’t knocking on peoples doors asking for their papers, unless you live in Arizona, but you can be spied on through your bins – because obviously if you put out your rubbish in the wrong way you are a terrorist. If your kid wants to go to a certain school – then you must be a terrorist, and we must add if you are taking your dog for a walk …

If you are a miner and want to strike – well it is fine to have your head kicked in in the guise of democracy.

Mr Hannan is blaming you, the voter, for wanting something to change. He is, as always, as pompous as ever – and he wants the Tories to get into power so they can devalue the UK as they once did. The Tories are getting more and more desperate – what happened to Cameron’s compassionate and listening Conservatism?

That all changed the day after the first leaders debate – good God, with less days horizoning, a dwindling Tory poll, what will happen next? Cameron will use the Thatcher card – and oh do we wish. If Clegg makes it 3 for 3 in the up and coming debate, and the fact it’s on the BBC, there should be more people watching than the first.

Be careful Dan, you could be the next Tory leader. I irony would dictate that you be the first Tory leader who lost the first election under PR.

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