David Cameron guarantees Tory loss

It’s always lovely to hear Dave C come up with some obscure idea whereby he feels that this will be good at duping the electorate in voting for him and his party. The only thing with his latest idea about electoral reform that really isn’t is that if he does get into power – and does bring about this kind of legislation it will mean a certain Tory defeat in the following election – the one that will be triggered by his own policy.

Is that irony?

The reason for the defeat will be that the Tories will replace him ASAP because he didn’t give them the over-all majority that they thought they were going to get on the anyone but Labour ticket – and as we all know that hasn’t happened. There will be a challenge to his leadership by a right-winger, yes, someone more right-wing than Cameron. Hannan? The right-wing of the Tory party are already seething under their collective breath because he isn’t walking into Downing St. They believes that he is not right-wing, Eurosceptic enough. “The people want a new Thatcher they will claim” Even I cannot bring myself to call Cameron, Thatcher – though he does come close – and he does have quite a few Thatcherites in his prospective cabinet.

So if Cameron does become PM and they over throw him, the new PM will have to call an election within 6 months.

“It means putting the people in charge, I believe you should be in Number 10 because people have voted for you,” he said.

If this is the case then how can Cameron stand up and advocate the first past the post system? We now see a genuine 3 horse race – and what it does show consistently is that the party that polls the lowest vote may, in fact, be the party with the largest amount of seats – how is that putting whom the electorate voted for in Number 10?

Isn’t it obvious, even to Dave and his chums, that the population want a representative government and parliament – it is screamingly obvious to just about everyone else – even New Labour, they are just about toying with the idea, as useless as their idea is. We will see, if New Labour are returned that the idea of electoral reform is off the table until a new election is to be called. Remember the New Labour manifesto of 1997?

There is only one party that will set in motion electoral reform and that party is the LibDems. If they need a 40% swing, then give it to them. Give the LibDems the mandate to bring about true reform no matter who you normally vote for. It is up to you, the electorate, to force this reform by giving your vote to someone who will do something about it.

Vote LibDem!

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