The Guardian asks who to support?

For me there really is no other option but the LibDems.

My reasoning behind this is that the vast majority of the UK population is left-liberal – it would mean that the Guardian would be supporting what the vast majority of the electorate actually want.

Take a look at Johann Hari’s piece:

To understand what these forces are, you have to start with a fact that is usually kept obscure: Britain is a country with a large liberal-left majority. Eighty-five per cent of us say the gap between rich and poor should be “much smaller”, and a majority would get there by introducing a maximum wage that caps the incomes of the rich at £135,000 a year.

Fifty-eight per cent support a dramatic increase in the minimum wage. Fifty-eight per cent want to ditch Trident – an act of unilateral nuclear disarmament. Seventy-seven per cent want to bring the troops home from Afghanistan now, or within a year at the latest. Fifty-three per cent say people come out of prison worse than they go in, and would rather spend money on more youth clubs than on more prison places.

That is revealing in and of itself. But what you have to do is do a very simple – and what may seem obscure thing. Actually talk to, and more importantly, listen to what people have to say. Not so you can take it away and do the nominal and tedious “I met a Blackman from somewhere else and he says …” I have said in a previous post that Nick Clegg has to stop that – people have become cynical about anecdotes because of the lies that they are. We have seen in papers such as the Guardian and others that this was not in fact the case. Added to this is that Cameron was shown to be, if not lying, not completely open with the truth of the supposed meeting.

When you listen to people you do hear what they want, not what a politician thinks that they want. Many-a-time I have spoken to politicians both local and national and said that simple things like the good old youth club would bring crime down. Not because I had some empirical evidence or stats to show that this was the case – because common-sense dictated what I thought. If kids have something to do, go to a weekly dance, they do it. And what is wrong with an inclusive society actually including what the young want to do? Some – daftly to me, but hey … say that youth should be brought into the election process, I would argue my case as they would argue theirs – but I would much prefer that youth be doing what they want to do.

The Libdems have been boosted into the world where the right-wing, I include New Labour in that, have to attack them – it is their only defence to attack what the majority want because that would bring about a change in the status quo if they didn’t. What is obvious to most, again if not the majority, is the status quo must be broken – and broken now. And, we have to add, that if a few of the premium papers like the Guardian don’t support the breaking the back of what has gone on for far too long – all will remain as is and the majority will no longer be engaged, their voice will, once again, go unheard and modern cynicism will prevail.

There maybe descenting voices inside the darken rooms of a reporters meeting asking whom to support – but we have to question even that! We have to ask ‘Why will you, reporters, journalist not speak for us? Why do you only go the way of the status quo? Give us a voice – the real silent majority – so we can speak through a greater media and have our say for once.’

Support the Libdems – no they may not be perfect – but they are offering something new that is, to me and so many others, something that is greater than the economy, greater than what will happen in schools, the NHS, the police service and how we see ourselves in a larger more complex world. They are offering a change, a real chance for the majority to be heard through the ballot box. Where we, the general public, can ask those who represent us to do just that.

I ask that someone, a paper that really has some clout, to back us for once. Back us in what we want. Real electoral change that will give us the voice we need.

Back the LibDems. Please!

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