Why electoral reform is needed

They say that a picture paints a thousand words so in that light I went to the good old Beeb and took a snap-shot of, if the election were to be held today, using the first past the post system, the number of seats that the LibDems would get.

Is this fairness?

As you can see on that image the voteshare is pretty even – I was using the poll of polls for the 20th of April. What we see is New Labour on 28% and the LibDems on 30% – but that does not transpose into seats, New Labour would have 276 and the LibDems with 100, Conservative with 245. That would mean, laughably, that New Labour would still have the highest amount of seats and could, in effect, still be in government – which again is stupendously stupid, when you take into account that 72% of the electorate – of those that turn out to vote – have actually voted against them.

How is that representing the people?

My mate Mr Carp insists that PR would be a bad thing – citing the Italian/Israeli modal. I still insist that the first past the post system is, by way of looking at it as it is above, flawed beyond belief. Yes – there are 9% ‘others’ – but would those others be in any real situation to get anything through, especially when you take into account that you have two very large party’s that could, almost, work together?

Cameron want to stick with FPTP – I can see why – even though the Tories consistently poll lower numbers it would mean they get an overall majority government.

Brown insists his New ‘New’ Labour government would be all about fairness – “A future fair for all”, yet on a fundamental level Brown and New Labour would allow – they did in ’97, too – that there would be a referendum on AV.

Electoral reform is needed – and the only way you are going to get it is if there is a massive swing to the LibDems – and by massive I mean at least 19% to give them an overall majority in parliament.

I know at the moment that it is a “It’s the economy, stupid” mindset, but the economy will recover. To me the reform of parliament, both houses, is the No 1 issue. Without that you will simply keep getting the pass the parcel democracy we have had for the last umpteen decades.

It has to change – and real change means electing a LibDem government at the outset.

The Conservatives have had their time – that was in the 19th century – the UK population needs something better!

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