Nick Clegg, obvious winner – but …

There is always the ‘but’.

Now that the LibDem leader has shone some light on himself and the LibDem policy – we will see the Tories especially ramp up the guns. They, long ago, expected this to be a cake-walk into power. Not only have the UK public dismissed that, they have indicated for a while that a hung parliament would be best.

Now there is a new element that could, potentially, bring about what the public actually wants. You can imagine in both labservative HQs a lot of scratching heads and wonderment at how they allowed the outsider in – in more ways that one. But what Nick Clegg, and the rest of his campaigning activists and party members must now do is wait and deflect the backlash – for it is coming.

I am not, for a minute, saying that on the basis of one debate the LibDems will take power – I do think, if they do stay on track and punch above their weight, as it were, they certainly could be sharing power with one of the other two – with a significant ballot count to boot.

One thing I would say for any LibDem who reads this blog – for Christ sake tell Nick to stop with the “I met a woman from …. I met a man from …” That turns people off – it is very old school. You may be trying to say to the public that you are on their level and want to change things. But the people can tell you a thousand more times stories such as that – and a damn-sight worse.

The UK people want a leader, a government that will represent them – THAT is what Nick Clegg should now go for in the last two debates. Let Cameron and Brown bluster and fuss as much as they want. It will give the LibDems something to fight with – Cameron’s “I met a black man in the Navy”:

Ummm … So that means he was what age when he joined the Navy, Dave? Ten years old? Steve Chambers (@respros) “brings the lolz”, as the kids say these days:

There are many who have argued with me that the country wants, in fact yearns to go further to the right – I disagree wholeheartedly – I do think that the country wants to go more left. Even the Tories have been indicating that to some degree with the run-up to the election and a devolution of power to more of the people.

And, as just one, yes just one reader said:

They’re more left than Labour, fuck it, they’re getting my vote.

That is what I have been saying for months!

Vote LibDem – and get the change you really want!

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