The British electorate are dumb …

… well, not all, but approximately 40% of them. Thinking about that – not even that percentage – it would, in fact, be smaller. Though it isn’t the rich who are dumb and would vote for the Tories, after all, the Tories are a party of the rich and will serve the rich as they see fit – never mind the poor, the Tories do not care, at all, no matter what they say, about the poor.

Despite Cameron’s warnings that we will have to suffer an “age of austerity” in public service cuts, pay freezes for public sector workers and benefit cuts to the poorest in the country, he still finds the money to give the wealthiest 3000 families in the country a tax cut worth £2 billion on their country estates. Coincidentally, one of the beneficiaries of this tax cut would be David Cameron himself, who would get a tax cut of around £520,000 on his £650,000 country estate (which he claims maximum expenses on, by the way, despite being extremely rich, valued at around £30,000,000, and could easily pay for it himself). William Hague, the millionaire Shadow Foreign Secretary and former Tory leader, and George Osborne, the millionaire Shadow Chancellor, would also benefit to around half a million pounds each. In fact, all 18 millionaires in Cameron’s Shadow Cabinet would benefit from the tax cut, at a combined cost to the taxpayer of £7.1 million. 94% of the public would not benefit from this tax cut. But 56% of the Tory Shadow Cabinet would. And George Osborne has the audacity to say “we’re all in this together” as he announces plans to cut incapacity benefit by £25 a week and give a huge tax cut to himself

Though the Tories are doing this in the open, right in peoples faces – and do take in consideration that this just isn’t all about the Tories – those MPs, Lords, anyone who is in parliament/Westminster who take their piece of the public pie whether Liberal, New Labour, Conservative or one of the other party’s – they make me want to puke, too.

But the British electorate look, if the polls are correct, like they will vote for the Tories. They will vote for the Tories who will take from the poor to give to the rich in a time when the working poor, the needy, those who cannot find work, the elderly – all need help.

I don’t know who is more cynical – the Tories, me or the British voter.

[Let see what Cameron, or Brown, even Nick Clegg says in the TV debates]

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