Tory Manifesto: What a terrible Idea

Well it is out – up and running and, kinda fluffy. Full of bullshit, too. But they are Tories – what would you expect?

I had a scan over the manifesto and it is, once again, obvious that the Tories are going for a private (free at the point of use – for now) healthcare.

Power for patients to choose any healthcare provider that meets NHS standards, within NHS prices

It seems then, that Cameron has been listening to his mate Hannan.

I won’t Fisk the Beeb highlights – pointless. But what I will say is that if you want a UK to be in utter chaos in a few years time – vote Tory. It really is pretty pathetic. After 13 years in opposition they have learnt exactly nothing.

Parents to get power to save schools threatened by closure, allowing communities the chance to take over and run good small schools

Seems damn reasonable, no? Read it again. Schools threatened by closure – but you can only take them over if they are good schools – so, my question is, why are they being closed in the first place? They still have to prove they are a viable school – and a good one – probably for the 4 kids that are attending that school, but the community will have to pay for it. Won’t that make it a private school, especially when those same parents (community) can hold a referendum on not raising local finance to pay out of the public purse – or is Cameron’s government going to pay for that school?


Councils and police to get powers to shut shops or bars persistently selling alcohol to children and to charge more for late-night licences to cover policing costs

Whoa! You mean that the local council don’t have those powers right now? Add to that if bar owner A is wealthy and pay for more police protection – he/she will. Bar owner B cannot, so they have to shut up shop because they can’t afford the police licence fee to stay open late – which will then mean the drinkers move over to the open, highly policed bar! Ahhh – I now get the thinking behind that one! Cool. Big Society, Dave? Yet – I thought that a proportion of the council tax went to pay for policing. And if there is a raise in the council tax to pay for MORE policing bar owners are going to have to pay more to do business? But what if the local referendum says that extra policing is no longer a requirement because all crime has fallen? Will the bar owners have to pay even more fees to stay open late? And how will that effect small businesses like pubs – and bars, and prices?


Service Academies to offer pre-employment training for the unemployed. The first, for hospitality and leisure, to provide up to 50,000 training places

Eton be told! Servants to be trained as servants at tax payers cost. Yay – everyone will be a servant in Dave’s (Eton) UK. Doff thy hat and tug that forelock, young, sir. I wonder if they will Birch them?

More flexibility for councils on business rates to encourage growth

State sponsored corruption? You know, you just KNOW where that one is going to go. 60s high-rise flats come to mind.

Reduce welfare dependency by creating single Work Programme for unemployed – including those on Incapacity Benefit, who will be reassessed

The attack on the poor and sick continues and, add to that, government jobs for all! But, how long will these jobs last? Will they be paid at minimum wage and where are the jobs going to come from once the person has finished the Work Programme?

You can read more on this idiocy over at LibCon.

Shit – and I said I wasn’t going to Fisk it. Oh well.

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